The beauty entrepreneur took things into her own hands after she failed to find any beauty remedy that helped reduce the appearance of her wrinkles

When Gigi Howard was in her late 20s, she suddenly realised that wrinkles were forming on her décolleté—which in turn made her look older than she was. And she knew what caused this: years of sun exposure, side sleeping, along with the natural ageing process.

She tried to combat this with a quick solution where she started wearing scarves and turtlenecks to hide the deepening wrinkles on her chest.

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After trying every doctor recommended solution on the market with no results, she was determined to find something that would work for her. The turning point came when a doctor friend introduced her to the benefits of medical-grade silicone, used and trusted by doctors, surgeons, and hospitals for over 30 years as an exceptionally safe and effective means to heal scarred and burned skin. Howard experienced its miraculous skin plumping and smoothing results first-hand and knew she had discovered the magic ingredient. She then worked with her team to develop over 180 prototypes in different shapes, sizes, textures, and thicknesses until they perfectly captured her vision.

After four years of testing and refinement, the Sio ChestLift was born—a soft, flexible, custom-moulded disk that lays perfectly and comfortably on the chest (and now face, neck, décolleté, and hands) to reduce the appearance of wrinkles overnight with long-lasting results. 

The beauty entrepreneur, who was involved in revitalising brands such as Lacoste and Natura Bisse, is currently reinventing the anti-ageing skincare category with her brand. Her company pioneered the use of medical-grade silicone patches for cosmetic use on the face and body and revolutionised how women treat "sleep wrinkles" with her debut product, the Sio ChestLift. These silicone patches can be reused up to 10 times with proper care. The brand extended its skincare product range to include advanced topical skincare in July 2021. 

According to Sio Beauty, many of its clients use the products as a safe, effective alternative to botox, and injectables—whether on the go or in the comfort of their own home. Today, Sio is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in the world with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. We speak to Howard to find out what her beauty regime is like and what she does to keep her skin looking healthy and youthful. 

How long do you typically spend on your skincare routine?

Gigi Howard (GH): I’m very simple when it comes to skincare. What I love about my line, Sio Beauty, is that I don’t have to dedicate tons of time to my skincare routine. Before bed, I apply our Sio patches under my eyes and to my décolleté. This takes seconds. In the morning, I remove the patches, cleanse my face, and use our Sio Cryo Drop to massage our Energy Serum into my skin, which takes three minutes tops. 

What is your skincare routine like for the day?

GH: In the morning I do a Cryo massage with our Cryo Drop and energy serum. I then apply an SPF and use our game-changing Cryo Fill topical wrinkle filler to instantly blur any fine lines and wrinkles. I carry this in my purse for touch-ups throughout the day! 

What is your skincare routine for the night?

GH: I cleanse my face, making sure to remove any stubborn make-up and then I apply our Sio patches under the eyes and on my décolleté. I sleep with the patches and wake up with super hydrated and plumped skin.

What was the last skincare product that you bought?

GH: U Beauty by Tina Craig. Their Super Hydrator is a must-have. 

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Are there any new skincare trends that you’re excited to try?

GH: I don’t really focus on trends. I believe in using beauty products with powerful ingredients, wearing SPF every day (even in the winter) and eating as healthy as I can most of the time. 

When did you start paying extra attention to your skin?

GH: In my late 20s, I noticed that my decollete started getting creases, especially when I woke up in the morning. I became insecure because I didn’t have wrinkles on my face or anywhere else. I started wearing scarves and turtlenecks to hide my chest. This inspired me to come up with a solution to help myself and other women experiencing ‘sleep wrinkles’. I set out to look for an adhesive that I could wear while sleeping that was flexible enough to fold with the skin to prevent the creasing. This is when I came across medical grade silicone, now the foundation of Sio Beauty. 

What’s one skincare must-have you’ve “influenced” others to purchase?

GH: U Beauty, The Plasma Lip Compound

What’s a skincare product you can’t live without?

GH: Our Cryo Drop without a doubt. 

What’s the most important skincare step to you?


Where and what is your go-to facial?

GH: Jillian Wright’s new oxygen and stem cell facials in New York City.  

Is skincare the new self-care? What are your thoughts on this?

GH: I’m seeing that consumers are realising that there are safe, effective, and affordable skincare solutions at home and they don’t necessarily have to undergo expensive and potentially risky cosmetic procedures like botox and fillers. I particularly saw an uplift in at-home skincare as self-care during Covid. 

What is one piece of skincare advice that you live by?

GH: Hydration! When your skin is well-hydrated the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are not as visible. 

What is your beauty tool of choice?

GH: Sio Cryo Drop. 

What is the most unique beauty treatment you tried overseas?

GH: On a ski trip in Austria, I alternated back and forth between a hot sauna and jumping into the cold snow. My body and skin were so energised. 

Have you tried out aesthetic treatments? Why or why not?

GH: I’ve tried Fraxel to remove dead skin and pigmentation from sun damage caused by spending a lot of time in the sun in my teens. It wreaked havoc on my skin health. 

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