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Have you always wanted to try ampoules? 111Skin has just introduced Concentrates—a new line of high-potency ampoules (a Korean skincare favourite) that aim to boost your skin in seven days

Radiance, hydration, clarity—these are some of the most common skincare desires. Covid-19 has made a significant impact on the beauty industry as well as individuals who have been forced to make adjustments to their skincare routines as they continue to work remotely and wear face masks in their everyday lives

Enter 111Skin, a skincare line founded by renowned London-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides, one of the pioneers that focused on creating custom solutions that target specific skincare concerns.

A-list celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and more are huge fans of the brand. Beckham is a fan of 111Skin's Black Diamond eye patches while Khloe Kardashian once said that the 111Skin Rose Gold Radiance Booster gives her "a dewy glow". For her very first national magazine cover for People, US First Lady Jill Biden's makeup artist Casey Geren used a slew of 111Skin's products to illuminate her skin.

And now, to meet the growing demands for specialised in-clinic treatments that can be administered at home, 111Skin has launched Concentrates—a new line of high-potency ampoules that aim to boost your skin in seven days. The seven-day program is the brand’s solution to clinical-level procedures that can be done at home.

Born out of Korean skincare routines, ampoules are high-potency boosters or serums that penetrate the skin with concentrated ingredients, delivering a ‘skin shot’ of actives.

So how do we use ampoules and why should we include them in our skincare routine? We spoke to Dr Yannis to find out more below:

What are ampoules and how do we incorporate them into our skincare routine?

Yannis Alexandrides (YA) Ampoules are a high-potency booster or serum that penetrates the skin with concentrated ingredients, delivering a ‘skin shot’ of actives. Ampoules work in double time to treat varied skin concerns from hydration, blemishes to fine lines, wrinkles and irritation. We recommended using them when your skin is in need of supercharging or repairing (whilst they can be used in your skincare routine—after your cleanser or toner) it is recommended to work with a seven-day cycle for each ampoule to penetrate and recharge the skin.

What is it about Korean skincare or Asian beauty regimes in general that inspired you to spread their benefits to your clients/customers?

YA There are many benefits to Korean skincare routines, but there were two benefits that stood out to us. Korean skincare routines are generally quite extensive (for example, the famous 10-step routine) and also very targeted to skincare concerns—this is exactly what we believe in as a brand, changing your routine to suit your skin's needs!

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What inspired you to create these glass vials of ampoules?

YA Covid-19 definitely impacted everyone’s beauty routines! Our clients weren’t able to receive any clinical procedures and were looking for an at-home solution to amplify their skincare. Ampoules are exactly that, they are seen and proven to deliver medical-grade results without downtime. 

Is there a reason why glass was the material of choice to store these ampoules?

YA Designed to preserve the purity of the ingredient, Ampoules are housed in a sealed glass to avoid oxidation and degradation of the formula, used in a timely sequence, the formula isn’t exposed to the environment, therefore, avoiding compromised ingredients.

Who are these ampoules suitable for?

YA Ampoules can be used by anyone looking to recharge their routine! Designed with a prescriptive model in mind, our Concentrates mirror the skincare solutions of our collections—Reparative, Treatment, Clarity, Radiance and Intensive and work to target a variety of skincare concerns from hydration, blemishes to fine lines, wrinkles and irritation.

Tell us how to use The Concentrates?

YA Begin by washing your hands and face with warm water. After you have cleansed and toned your skin, gently use the plastic cap to break the ampoule away from the body. Dispense the solution into your hands and tap gently over the face, neck and chest (use what is left on the back of your hands).

A-Listers such as Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham love your face mask and eye mask—are there already celebrity fans of these new ampoules?

YA We’re pleased to say that we have received widespread praise for our concentrates from our VIP ambassadors. Many professionals have posted so far including makeup artist to the stars Mary Greenwell and David Beckham’s Groomer Sally O’Neil, we hope to see more of our VIP following sharing their feedback on the ampoules over the coming months.

Lastly, with Covid-19 impacting beauty routines—do you think ampoules are the new sheet masks?

YA Ampoules and sheet masks are very different, and one should not replace the other. I think that customers love the immediate radiance and replenishment our luxurious sheet masks provide and therefore will not give this up. However, it is vital for people to notice when their skin changes and provide it with the potent ingredients it needs to repair—something that they can achieve from ampoules over a seven-day period.