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What better way to celebrate Singapore’s 56th birthday than to support local through some good ol' shopping?

There are several ways to #supportlocal in Singapore but we would all have to agree that one of the most enjoyable ways is by... shopping! Our tiny island is home to a range of talents in the beauty industry, including notable brands who have gone international as well as up-and-coming labels.

No matter their achievements, we are so proud to be able to throw our support behind these homegrown beauty brands. 

Below are some of our favourite labels that you need to have on your radar and shop for, pronto. 

1. Heure

Smart and effective science-led skincare—that’s what homegrown beauty brand Heure has strived for since its launch in November 2020. The brand is powered by a revolutionary proprietary encapsulation and transdermal delivery system, SPHR, which works to pinpoint problem areas in the skin dermis, deliver key active ingredients through the epidermis and activate the smart time-release formula to optimise results within 24 hours, embodying the brand’s tagline “beauty runs deep”.

The brand made its debut in the US recently and was featured by notable social media stars such as Chriselle Lim and Eva Chen. This August, Heure will also be available on

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2. Two Lips

Many in Singapore would be familiar with the Spa Esprit Group’s beauty brands such as Strip and Browhaus. But another rising star within its arsenal of award-winning brands is Two Lips.

With a focus on vulva care, the brand aims to disrupt and redefine the intimate care space with products that are free from sulphates and parabens. These products were developed by a team helmed by none other than the Queen of Vulva herself, Cynthia Chua, who also started the local Brazilian wax movement in Singapore.

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3. Grail

The brainchild of local actor Lawrence Wong, Grail may be a newcomer in the local beauty scene but it has already turned heads with its debut products. In January this year, brand debuted its Do-It-All multitasking face mask—which contains powerful botanical ingredients and is made of environmentally sustainable materials. In fact, the mask incorporates the world’s only Japan patented moisture locking technology, a premium cellulosic filament non-woven sheet from Asahi Kasei, placing it in a league above other masks.

Five months later, its second product arrived in the form of a mineral sunscreen. The lightweight sunscreen, Got It Covered, boasts a high sun protection rate of SPF 50 and PA++++ and protects against UVA, UVB, Infrared Radiation, and Blue Light (High Energy Visible, HEV).

And if you’re curious about Wong’s flawless skin, here’s what he has to say: “Many people ask me how I achieve my blemish-free skin. The secret is simple: sunscreen. It is essential in my skincare routine.”

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4. Allies of Skin

This brand needs little introduction as it has gone above and beyond in terms of putting Singapore on the beauty map. The brand was founded by Singaporean Nicolas Travis, who created his first product, the 1A All-Day Mask, after two years of clinical trials and 10 revisions.

Today, the skincare range has expanded to 13 products which are highly raved by everyone from beauty junkies, editors, dermatologists and more. Some products such as the Mandelic Pigmentation Night Serum have already reached cult status after having attracted widespread praise from the beauty community.  

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5. Skin Inc

Way before customised skincare dominated the industry, this skincare brand founded by Sabrina Tan was already making waves with its range of products. Local skincare brand Skin Inc’s signature serums have a cult following thanks to their efficacy and ability to target every individual’s skin concerns. And if K-drama star Son Ye-Jin (who was Skin Inc’s first brand evangelist) is a fan of these serums—why shouldn’t you too?

Back in 2007, it became the world’s first skincare supplement bar to offer personalised, paraben- and fragrance-free serums. Today, Skin Inc is present in over 100 cities in Asia-Pacific, the US, Canada, with 10 concept stores and over 350 distribution outlets including Sephora.

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6. Sigi Skin

Homegrown vegan beauty label Sigi Skin is catered to the busy working person who can’t afford skincare routines with multiple steps. Its line of highly efficacious, superfood-infused, and clinical skincare essentials is specially created to be multi-beneficial and fuss-free. Plus, it is also pregnancy-safe so mummies-to-be will be able to enjoy this range freely.

By simplifying and deconstructing complicated skincare routines, Sigi Skin’s aim is to encourage busy bees to make time for a consistent skincare habit that will produce results.  

For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the skincare brand also pledged its support for our Singaporean athletes who represented the nation. As part of its “My Beauty, My Strength” campaign, Sigi Skin gave all Team Singapore athletes the entire Sigi Skin range.

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7. Bskin

Homegrown skincare label Bskin believes in the combination of science and nature to create formulas that work well for the skin. But what sets the brand apart from the rest is its signature 6Core Anti-Oxidant System that was created by renowned Korean scientists who bring with them over 50 years of experience. Five specific anti-oxidant plant-based compounds, with each performing a specialised function to battle free radicals, were chosen to form this system.

Besides anti-oxidant properties, the made-in-Korea skincare label also focuses on apitherapy or “bee therapy”. The extracts of bee-based ingredients were combined with pure Jeju spring water to create B-Complex Water 0, a proprietary ingredient exclusive to Bskin’s skincare line.  

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8. Est Lab

Those who love the idea of science and technology coming together to push boundaries in beauty should turn their attention towards Est Lab. It was the first brand to partner with Singapore’s R&D agency, A*Star (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) in 2010, and also launched its own R&D lab in 2019 to fund its own lines of research and innovation.

The brand also practises sustainability by sourcing and using eco-friendly ingredients, packaging and engaging in CSR efforts promoting sustainability. This year, the brand will be launching in China on Alibaba Group’s cross-border e-commerce platform, T-mall, to reach a wider audience.

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9. Two Halves

It’s not every day that you come across a beauty brand that’s founded by a mother-daughter team. This proudly Singaporean and vegan skincare label was created by Ashley and Jo Yong. Ashley wanted to use her own life experiences of being a young and busy working mother who also loves skincare to create an effective range that works in sync with the skin.

Formulated in Japan-based laboratories, Two Halves strives to bring balance to frazzled, confused and stressed-out skin with mindfully formulated products that contain plant-based skincare actives and high-quality ingredients that are infused into sensorial, easily absorbed textures. 

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10. Only Skin

Only Group was founded by entrepreneur Adren How and his wife, Jermaine, back in 2005 with a modest start-up capital of $10,000. Since then, the company has expanded to become Singapore’s largest aesthetics group with nine outlets in Singapore and a slew of brands under the company.

One of these brands is Only Skin, a line of skincare products dedicated to post-aesthetic treatment care as well as everyday beauty routines. This year, it launched CPR, a unique cleanser that also aims to deliver sun protection. The product is a wash-on anti-blue light and anti-pollution sunscreen cleanser that provides protection against UVA, UVB, and HEV rays while removing skin impurities.

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11. Handmade Heroes

This local skincare brand is all about natural and vegan skincare and body care products that are made with botanical oils and extracts. Their range of products include products for the lips, hair, face and body. In fact, the homegrown brand even has a dedicated section just for mothers and babies featuring items such as dry shampoo, diaper balm and nursing balm.

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