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Whether you’re on the hunt for some makeup inspirations or simply looking to treat yourself to a much-deserved weekend binge, there are plenty of beauty-related shows to keep you happily entertained at home

As much of the globe continues to stay home and practice social distancing due to the ongoing pandemic, there’s no better time than now to enjoy a relaxing weekend TV marathon.

And if you’re in need of some refreshing content to get you through this couch-ridden time, it might be worth going the beauty route. From exciting competition shows to inspiring documentaries and feel-good makeover shows, our favourite streaming platforms have no shortage of binge-worthy beauty content to help us overcome feelings of boredom.

Keep scrolling to see our picks for the best beauty-related shows to watch right now—including Netflix's reality series Glow Up and Queer Eye, HBO's hit drama Euphoria, and more. 

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1. Glow Up 

If you enjoyed the mania of designers competing against each other in the iconic fashion show Project Runway, then you’ll love Glow Up. With three seasons available to stream on Netflix, the reality series follows a group of talented makeup artists as they navigate challenges to win a career in the coveted British beauty industry.

The show features a stellar panel of judges, including world-famous makeup artists including YouTuber Val Garland and MAC Cosmetics’ Dominic Skinne, so expect to see tons of exciting tasks and incredible beauty looks throughout.  

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2. Skin Decisions: Before and After

Skin Decisions revolves around Dr. Sheila Nazarian and her nurse Jaime as they perform the latest cosmetic procedures to help their clients become the best versions of themselves. As well as offering an in-depth look at the world of plastic surgery, this Netflix docuseries also examines the emotional stories behind the patients. Some of them have survived tragic incidents that left them with scars or disfigurement, while there are also women dealing with severe depression from acne.

Across the eight episodes, you’ll not only enjoy some heartwarming moments and tear-jerking stories, but also learn a lesson or two about self-love and body positivity.  

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3. Euphoria

If you haven’t jumped on the Euphoria bandwagon yet, you’re seriously missing out. Created by HBO, this popular teen drama follows the lives of a group of high school students through their journey of love, trauma, friendships and identity.

While you might be watching the series for the additive plot and powerful performances by a stellar cast including Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney, you won’t be able to stop yourself from admiring those incredible beauty looks created by the show’s head makeup artist, Doniella Davy. From glittery eyeshadows and gem-studded brows, the show has all the inspirations you need to experiment with some head-turning makeup trends this season.

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4. Queer Eye

Entertaining and uplifting, the Queer Eye series always occupies the top spot in our watchlists whenever we need a dose of positivity. Hosted by the iconic “Fab 5”, each episode of the show is fun to watch for their amazing chemistry and also the powerful stories of their makeover subjects.

In addition to beauty makeover stories featuring plenty of makeup tips and fashion styling advice, the show also includes home renovation projects and lessons in mental health and wellness. Bonus points: there are six seasons available to stream on Netflix, so you won’t get through it too quickly. 

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5. A Queen Is Born

Just a quick glance at the synopsis of A Queen Is Reborn and you’ll know it’s full of gorgeous beauty looks and amazing outfits. The Brazilian reality series centres around two famous drag queens, Gloria Groove and Alexia Twister, as they help six artists to fulfil their dreams and build their confidence on stage through a series of challenges.  

Aside from offering a spectacle of dramatic makeup looks and incredible outfits, the show will also teach you some life lessons and motivate you to follow your dreams.

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6. Tattoo Redo

Calling all ink enthusiasts—this one’s for you. Equal parts entertaining and inspirational, Tattoo Redo is a reality show that follows a group of top artists as they transform some of their clients’ most regrettable tattoos into stunning cover-ups. What makes the show so compelling is that each coverup design will be chosen by their clients' loved ones instead of themselves.

Expect some beautiful tattoo reworks that you won’t predict, alongside some funny moments as the guests revisit the stories behind their old tattoos. 

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7. Glow

Beauty junkies with a penchant for vintage makeup and hairstyles shouldn’t miss out on Glow. Set in 1980s Los Angeles, the drama features a gripping plot inspired by the real story of the 1980s female wrestling league.

Lighthearted and fun, you’ll be totally captivated by the talented cast’s dynamic performances, and all the best ‘80s beauty trends the show captured—think dark lips, metallic eyeshadows, and bouncy teased hair.

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