Cover Get inspiration for your next manicure with these unique designs (Photo: Unsplash)

Our nail art inspo for the season includes Mariah Carey-inspired talons, Barbiecore and blurred aura designs

1. New Age Aura

This blurry-black-lined baby blue manicure is the perfect embodiment of the current love of Y2K throwbacks, evoking the dark liner, lip gloss-heavy look of that decade.

2. Shiny Jelly

Elevate your “glazed doughnut” nails using shimmery pastel shades to create butterfly wing designs or add gel art hearts.

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3. Colour Blocking

Incorporate all your favourite autumn and winter colours into this manicure, both singly and all together, Piet Mondrian-style, on an accent nail. Amp up the look further with delicate gel art in a shimmery metallic.

4. Holiday Bling

Don’t wait for the festive season to try a sparkly manicure. Inspired by Mariah Carey’s signature bedazzled microphone, this French manicure with rhinestone tips ensures you are party-ready at any time of the year.

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5. Think Pink

Barbiecore isn’t going anywhere yet, so try this hot pink look with a twist—a wavy slick of silver chrome will keep the nails looking less plastic and more fantastic.

6. Dippin’ Dots

This dotted manicure is reminiscent of 1960s wallpaper. Mix up the colours and sizes of the dots to keep things interesting; if you want to take things a step further, a few wavy accent nails add a psychedelic element.


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