The Animoca Brands founder was the first guest on Meta Versed, part of Tatler Asia’s 45th anniversary celebrations, where he shared insights, and gave away exclusive Tatler Revv Racing car NFTs

As part of the celebrations for its 45th anniversary, Tatler Asia launched Tatler TV: Meta Versed on March 24, a new, weekly online talk show. Featuring visionaries and leaders in the field, the presentation demystifies all things related to NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrency, and how they are reshaping the luxury sector.

If you missed the first episode, you can now watch it here.

Yat Siu, who is best known as the co-founder of Animoca Brands, which acquired blockchain game The Sandbox in 2018, was the guest for the debut episode, hosted by Tatler Hong Kong’s editor-in-chief and editorial director, Jacqueline Tsang. The show attracted fans from around the world, all eager to hear Siu’s talk on the possibilities that the blockchain offers gaming and real life, and got to the heart of how NFTs and the metaverse have been reshaping the way we live.

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Siu, who appeared on Tatler’s March edition, began the conversation by breaking down the evolution of the digital world: he said Web1 democratised information for the public through blogs and the media, which paved the way for Web2, where data is being managed by tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Tencent. Today, Web3 offers internet users digital property rights. “What that really means is that we get to own, essentially, our data in this paradigm,” he says.

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The metaverse offers more than digital asset ownership. Referring to The Sandbox, which was named by Time as one of the 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022, Siu said, “We can live out certain kinds of fantasies, experiences or imagination that we [aren’t] able to [realise] physically.” He wasn’t only talking about his virtual breakdancing skills, which he showed the audience through a short video clip in the talk, but also coalescing a network of influencers virtually. “What makes [The Sandbox] valuable is: who lives in The Sandbox? Who develops The Sandbox? What experiences can you do and construct over there? As an end user, you can have a direct experience with your favourite artists, creators and heroes.”

As a bonus for all viewers of the first episode of Meta Versed, Siu’s team created an exclusive Tatler 45th anniversary Revv Racing car NFT. He said that NFTs are not valuable only because they are scarce, but because they preserve “some moment in history or some cultural event that you can actually permanently own and have a record of”.

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Tune in to episode two on March 31, which will feature WhaleShark, one of the most mysterious and active NFT art collectors in the world who has amassed more than 400,000 NFT items. Register here.

If you missed the first episode, you can now watch it here.


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