Cover Alia Eyres of Mother's Choice gives children without families, pregnant teenagers and young mothers what they need most: a loving family. (Photo by Alex Maeland)

Han Jian Lin Hsieh, Dewi Sukarno, and Alia Eyres are strong, brave leaders who are ready to help others

A mother taking care of young mothers, a former first lady dedicated to refugees, and a grandmother who refused to her family fall into ruin are some of the amazing women on Asia’s Most Influential list. They are proof that women, made limitless with their love for family, are strong, brave and ready to lead where help is needed. 

Alia Eyres, Hong Kong

Alia Eyres left a career in law to become the CEO of Mother’s Choice, the Hong Kong charity that gives children without families, pregnant teenagers, and young mothers what they need most: a loving family. Under Eyres' guidance, Mother's Choice provides temporary care through a foster care program and its Child Care Home for babies and children. It also offers full support—with a crisis hotline, information about choices, shelter at a residential hostel during pregnancy, and a baby plan—to at-risk girls. 

Last month, Mother’s Choice organised The Power of Authentic Relationships, an online art exhibition that helped 20 girls who had experienced crisis pregnancy to share their stories and reclaim their identities in the process. “Our biggest moments of crisis can become our biggest catalyst of positive change,” said Eyres, who believes that safe and loving relationships are what young women need.

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Dewi Sukarno, Indonesia

“To me, a strong woman is brave, confident in her way of life and proud of herself; she is influential and respected by others. Regardless of her beauty, her feminine qualities are beautiful,” says Dewi Sukarno, the former first lady of Indonesia, to Tatler.

Born in Japan as Naoko Nemoto, she became the third wife of Sukarno, the first President of Indonesia, and took the name Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno. After her husband’s death, she lived around the world in France, Switzerland, the USA and Japan. 

Beyond her colourful life, Dewi has channelled her energies toward philanthropy, establishing the Earth Aid Society, an organisation dedicated to supporting refugees around the world. She is unafraid to go where help is needed, meeting with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and travelling to her native Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016. Her philanthropic spirit has been passed on to her daughter Kartika, who established the Kartika Sukarno Foundation in Indonesia. 

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Han Jian Lin Hsieh, Taiwan

Proving that family is more important than wealth, Han Jian Lin Hsieh, once the richest woman in Taiwan, rescued her family from ruin. In the 2000s, a series of events—including a financial crisis and a housing downturn—left the Hongguo Group with over NT$60.5 billion in debt. After her husband passed away, she took over the real estate and construction company and worked to pay it off in 15 years, the shortest period for debt repayment in the history of Taiwanese companies. The Hongguo Group currently owns Caesars Hotel, Hung Kuo Construction, and the Hung Kuo Delin University of Science and Technology, among others.

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