Just because international travel is still off the cards, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the Year of the Tiger and have to miss out on all the fun. If you can’t keep your gatherings outside and are looking for ways to safely enjoy the festivities, our guide to planning the perfect Chinese New Year party at home has you covered

The countdown to Chinese New Year is on! While this year’s celebrations will be impacted by the ongoing pandemic and the tightening of social distancing measures, the holiday season need not feel boring. You can still get into the festive spirit and celebrate the Year of the Tiger to its fullest safely at home with your loved ones.

From decoration inspiration to outfit suggestions and fun activity ideas, here’s our comprehensive guide to celebrating CNY at home in 2022. No matter which activity you choose—whether it’s making turnip puddings, playing mahjong or spending quality time with family enjoying comedy flicks on Netflix, these party ideas are guaranteed to make your celebrations extra memorable. 

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Go all out with festive decorations

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It isn’t Chinese New Year without having your home adorned with some festive decorations. From red lanterns to spring couplets, candy boxes and fresh flowers in vibrant hues, there are plenty of auspicious items to choose from that can help you set the mood for joyful gatherings.

And if you’re looking to bring extra fortune and blessings to your space this season, be sure to check out our feng shui guide for tips on how to design a home that’s stylish and brimming with good energy. 

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Put on your best holiday outfit

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Aside from scrumptious feasts and red packets, we’re looking forward to one of the highlights of CNY celebrations: buying new clothes. It’s believed wearing new clothes will bring good things in the year to come.

Give your party an auspicious dress code and ask your guests to wear red or brightly-hued pieces to make things more fun. You can also arrange a costume contest and prizes for the best dressed people, encouraging them to make a fashion statement at the party.

In need of some outfit inspiration? Take a look at our roundup of the best luxury CNY fashion collections to splurge on this season. We've also compiled a list of the best places to buy bespoke cheongsams and qipaos in Hong Kong.

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Prepare a feast

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Quality food and drinks are essential to any party, whether you’re serving a full meal or just a few nibbles. Before preparing the menu, you should be mindful of your guests’ dietary requirements as well.

In Hong Kong, despite bar closures and the evening dine-in ban, many restaurants are still operating to offer delivery services and takeaway menus which allow us to enjoy restaurant-level food in the comfort of our homes. Make sure you also order some festive delicacies, such as puddings and poon choi to complement your feast.  

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Bring the bar home

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We know you miss getting dressed up and going out to your favourite bar for a night of great drinks and conversation with friends, that’s why we’ve rounded up the best alcohol delivery services to keep you satisfied at home. As a bonus, this will help support local shops through tough times too.  

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Make CNY treats

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Chinese New Year also gives us the perfect opportunity to test out our cooking skills. If you’re looking to impress your guests with a home-cooked meal, why not challenge yourself to make turnip pudding from scratch? It’s not as difficult as you might think. We asked top Hong Kong chefs to share their insider tips for making the perfect turnip cake, which the guide will help you master the recipe like a pro.

Alternatively, you can also invite your guests to create a delicious meal together for a fun-filled bonding experience. 

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Enjoy a movie marathon

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No CNY celebrations would be complete without a movie marathon. Get your snacks ready and add all those classic Cantonese movies to your queue for a fun night of entertainment. Aside from Cantonese festive classics, Netflix’s large library of content also includes inspiring travel shows, feel-good movies, family-friendly flicks and many more that are worth binge-watching.  

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Play mahjong

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Board games are a great way to keep yourself and your guests entertained, but you can add another layer of excitement to your party: host a mahjong game. A traditional Chinese tile-based game that’s often enjoyed at CNY gatherings and weddings, mahjong is not only fun to play with, but it’s also a great group activity that allows us to bond with our family and friends.

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Host a virtual gathering

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Celebrations won’t stop just because you can’t get together with your loved ones in the same room. If you want to enjoy the party with far-flung family and friends, make good use of platforms such as Zoom, Facetime or Google Hangouts to host a fun virtual gathering. Gather your guests online and have everyone dressed up and enjoying holiday treats in their own homes, or use the Netflix Party extension on Google Chrome to watch a movie together.  


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