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From traditional flavours to innovative varieties, these are the best Chinese New Year puddings to enjoy in Hong Kong this year

Chinese New Year is just one month away and it’s time to shop for festive decorations, plan out family reunion dinners and find the perfect food gifts to delight your loved ones. Commencing on February 1, this year’s festival will mark the Year of the Tiger, which also signals a time of celebration and gives us the perfect opportunity to indulge in one of the most delicious (and auspicious) holiday treats: Chinese New Year puddings.

Ahead, we’re listing the best puddings to try in Hong Kong this festive season. Whether it’s traditional turnip cakes, innovative flavours or health-conscious offerings you’re after, these puddings are the best to order for a memorable CNY celebration.

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1. Lung King Heen

There’s always an element of excitement when Lung King Heen at Four Seasons unveils its Chinese New Year treats, and this year is no exception. Aside from the ever-popular creations including abalone and turnip pudding with conpoy, Lunar New Year coconut pudding and taro pudding with black truffle, the Michelin-starred restaurant has also launched a new unique flavour this year: water chestnut pudding with camomile tea, which is made with the finest tea leaves from Yú Teahouse for a refreshing aroma.

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2. Tin Lung Heen

Known for its opulent setting and consistently well-executed dishes, Michelin-starred Cantonese establishment Tin Lung Heen at The Ritz-Carlton is welcoming the Year of the Tiger with two classic creations—turnip pudding and coconut pudding. Expertly crafted with premium ingredients and refined recipes, both varieties are packaged in eye-catching red gift boxes that will make for a wonderful gifting treat for the festival.

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3. Spring Moon

Fine dining Cantonese restaurant Spring Moon of The Peninsula is offering handcrafted Chinese New Year puddings in a multitude of flavours that are sure to please even the most discerning foodies this year. Those who love savoury creations will appreciate the traditional turnip pudding and taro puddings, which are flavoured with refined ingredients, while sweet tooths will enjoy the signature Lunar New Year pudding, red date pudding and water chestnut pudding.

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4. Summer Palace

Summer Palace at Island Shangri-La delivers a tempting spread of puddings for a truly indulgent Chinese New Year celebration. As well as offering a new gift box which features the 80-year dried tangerine peel pudding in two flavours—Tokachi red bean and 15-year ripe pu-erh tea—chef Leung Yu-King is giving the traditional turnip pudding an aromatic update with 88-month Iberico ham and premium Emmental cheese. Crowd favourites including classic turnip pudding, taro pudding, and sweet Chinese New Year pudding are available as well. 

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5. Duddell's

Looking for puddings with beautiful, auspicious packaging to please the foodie in your life? Duddell’s creations will not disappoint. As well as offering the two signature varieties, including Chinese New Year cake and turnip cake, the Michelin-starred restaurant has launched a new flavour this year: savoury taro cake. These puddings are all presented in special edition boxes designed by G.O.D (Goods of Desire) which feature beautiful hand-drawn traditional patterns of Chinese teacups and soup bowls that pay tribute to Hong Kong’s heritage.

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6. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

For an authentic taste of Chinese New Year, you can’t go wrong with these traditional puddings crafted by Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. This year, the hotel has launched the classic turnip pudding and coconut pudding, which are all prepared with the freshest ingredients and exquisitely wrapped in elegant packaging to bring you good fortune for the year ahead.

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7. The Cakery

Indulge guilt-free in Chinese New Year festivities with The Cakery’s vegan treats. The bakery—which is known for its vegan-friendly pastries made from natural sugars, good fats and proteins—is offering three healthy yet delicious puddings to satisfy your cravings without sacrificing health goals. In addition to the sweet options including red sugar rice pudding and red date pudding, a savoury black truffle-infused turnip cake is also available. All the creations are vegan-friendly and free from refined sugars—what’s not to love?

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8. Little Bao

While classic puddings reach widespread popularity during the festive season, a touch of innovation can result in unusually good varieties as well. Little Bao—the brainchild of Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2017, May Chow—is offering two innovative creations that are sure to get the Year of the Tiger off to a delicious start.

The taro cake is given a makeover with a unique combination of ingredients, including purple sweet potatoes from Okinawa, Chinese rose wine sausage, Chinese cured pork, dried scallop and sea salt, and you’ll be able to sample rich flavours and chunky texture in every bite. Their version of turnip cake, traditionally made with daikon radish, instead features fresh beetroot to naturally give the auspicious red colour and add a unique flavour to the pudding.

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9. Tsui Hang Village x Pinewood Wine

Tsui Hang Village has partnered with Pinewood Wine to create wine and pudding pairings to bring you a boozy celebration. Guests can choose from the classic turnip cake with cured meat and the sweet coconut cream pudding—both come with an option of red or white wine and are packaged in beautiful gift boxes to impress loved ones.

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10. Kiki Noodle Bar

KiKi Noodle Bar’s ever-popular Chinese New Year puddings are back! Made with the finest ingredients sourced from Taiwan, the two creations are both a renewed take on the traditional recipes: the turnip pudding is made with sun-dried sakura shrimp, preserved local lean Chinese sausage and turnip; while the sweet dried longan and brown sugar pudding is crafted with an ancient roasting technique to reduce sugar for a healthier treat.

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11. Dashijie x Man Wah

No Chinese New Year pudding roundup would be complete without bringing up Dashijie, a well-loved homegrown food brand dedicated to promoting heritage treats and time-honoured cooking techniques. Their signature turnip pudding and taro pudding are must-tries, but if you’re looking to dig into something a little bit different, don’t miss out on the limited-edition aged tangerine peel turnip cake—a result of their recent collaboration with Man Wah at Mandarin Oriental.

If you prefer something sweet, Dashijie also offers coconut cake, ginger and brown sugar cake, as well as water chestnut cake.

Dashijie's Chinese New Year puddings are available at selected City'super outlets and Sogo department store. Online orders are available here

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12. Ying Jee Club

Ying Jee Club has rolled out two handcrafted puddings that are perfect for those who want to celebrate the culinary tradition with some modern twists. Apart from the not-too-sweet Chinese New Year pudding, which features a unique blend of coconut milk and Ceylon black tea, executive chef Siu Hin-chi and his culinary team have also prepared the classic turnip pudding with conpoy, preserved premium Chinese sausages and bacon that’s sure to delight your tastebuds.

To place orders, guests can visit Ying Jee Club in person, call +852 2801 6882, WhatsApp +852 5291 0503 or email

13. T'ang Court

Michelin-starred T’ang Court’s top-notch Cantonese fare is always a delight to our palates, and this year’s Chinese New Year treats are no different. The restaurant is bringing back their classic puddings for the season, including turnip pudding, taro pudding and coconut New Year pudding, which are all packaged in beautifully designed gift boxes symbolising fortune and prosperity. Competition for T’ang Court’s creations is fierce, with supplies running out fast each year—act quick!

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14. Yat Tung Heen

Staying true to tradition, Yat Tung Heen’s puddings celebrate the holiday with classic flavours and refined recipes. The signature turnip pudding is made with generous amounts of premium dried shrimp, dried conpoy, Chinese preserved sausage and air-dried preserved meat; while the Lunar New Year Pudding is made with traditional cane sugar, offering you a pleasant, chewy texture in every bite.

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15. Hoi King Heen

Festive puddings come in a tempting selection of flavours at the award-winning Chinese restaurant Hoi King Heen. Aside from traditional ones such as turnip and taro puddings, the restaurant’s culinary team is also bringing brilliant twists into the celebration with sweet potato pudding, and egg custard glutinous pearl pudding.

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16. Yue

Not a fan of traditional flavours? Give Yue’s innovative puddings a try this season. The modern Cantonese restaurant has launched two new creations that are sure to tickle your fancy, including the turnip cake made with Parma ham, and the Lunar New Year pudding flavoured with quality Okinawa black sugar, both packaged in auspicious red boxes symbolising fortune and prosperity.

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