Pandan chiffon cakes are not the only way to remember Singapore by. Here are some of the trendiest and most memorable souvenirs to find in Singapore

Gone are the days when you’d go on vacation and return with keychains and tacky T-shirts that are regaled to the back of our closets, only to be discovered years later and dumped in the to-donate pile. 

Souvenirs have evolved into practical and meaningful gifts that are no less beautiful. No matter if you are looking for a gift for a friend leaving Singapore or looking for a unique trinket after a holiday here, there is bound to be something special that you can find on this tropical, modern island. 

To help you along, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite local brands and uniquely Singaporean souvenirs and food to recommend to friends and family or gift to a loved one.

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1. Art Tree’s Tiffin Boxes

Tiffin boxes are functional and sustainable ways to carry food around or even buy takeaway food at our local hawker centres. The three tiers help to keep your meal components neatly separated. It is also an extremely Singaporean container with Indian roots. Typically, in India, people bring their lunches to work in stainless steel tiffin boxes. 

However, you don’t need to settle for the traditionally plain, stainless steel ones. Local brand Art Tree offers a range of beautiful Peranakan and geometric designs on their tiffin boxes that are vibrant and fun to have.

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2. Yeomama’s Batik Outfits

Batik print is commonly found in Southeast Asia and most prominently on the uniforms of our Singapore Airlines flight service crew. 

Yeomama is a homegrown mother-and-daughter duo that uses authentic handmade batik to create clothing for the modern wearer. Some of our favourite items include their batik activewear line which includes sports bras, high-waisted leggings and more. 

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3. Supermama’s Singapore Blue Plates

Blue and white porcelain is a massive part of Singapore’s history and has been for hundreds of years, tracing back to when we were a trading settlement between the East and West.

For a souvenir that is truly Singaporean and one that you will likely keep and display for many years to come, opt for homegrown design store Supermama’s Singapore Blue porcelain plates.  

The plate collection includes everyday motifs and icons; personal narratives and experiences, as well as collaborations with international artists. 

For something truly special and unique, opt for the One Singapore 2022 Edition plate which highlights iconic imagery in Singapore.

Fun fact: back in 2020, in collaboration with Supermama, the Tatler Homes Singapore team designed a plate that pays homage to the historic shophouses seen in Singapore as part of the Singapore Blue collection; read more about this particular collaboration here.

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4. Chalk Farm’s Kueh Salat

Kueh Salat is a popular local Malay dessert that features two layers; it is comprised of glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk at the bottom and a jelly-like custard top layer made with eggs and coconut milk.

Homegrown bakery Chalk Farm’s version of the well-loved kueh has gained a reputation among both locals and tourists, quickly becoming a cult favourite over the years. A whole cake of this steamed delicacy makes the perfect gift or it can even be a dinner centrepiece at parties.

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5. Singapore Airlines’ Check In Counter Set

Tatler Asia
Photo: Kris Shop
Above Photo: Kris Shop

The Singapore Airlines experience starts right from when you check in at their counters. If you have a child (or if you are one at heart), you will love this Lego check-in counter playset that will make the perfect souvenir for a wonderful trip.   

The exclusive playset comes complete with five figurines, hand-carry bags and luggage.

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6. Rich & Good Cake Shop’s Swiss Rolls

Rich & Good Cake Shop has been a Singaporean staple since 1997. Famous for its pillow-soft swiss rolls, Singaporeans have loved its variety of delicious flavours such as kaya, red velvet chocolate, coffee and strawberry over the years. 

If you would just like one dessert to take home from Singapore, let it be one of these knockout rolls.

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7. Raffles Hotel’s Peranakan Tile Coasters

Tatler Asia
Photo: Raffles Boutique
Above Photo: Raffles Boutique

European-inspired and Peranakan designed, these handpainted and glazed ceramic tile coasters are vibrant and will add life to any table setting. 

Each piece is unique so no two pieces are alike. You can get them in four different colour combinations. 

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8. Compendium Spirits’ Rojak Gin

Over the years, the Singapore bar scene has shown what an impressive job it has done with the release of locally crafted spirits and beers over the years. One of our absolute favourites would have to be Compendium Spirits’ Rojak Gin.

Distilled from high-quality honey, and re-distilled with juniper berries, lemon peel and ginger flower, the gin boasts a strong Rojak flavour that is so uniquely Singaporean that you just have to share the love with those around you. 

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9. Cat Socrates’ Peranakan Tile Yoga Mat

Talk about useful holiday souvenirs. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you will love this vegan suede and non-slip yoga mat that is beautifully designed to replicate Peranakan-styled tiles.

Choose from a variety of outstanding and vibrant colours and you are all set to be the star of your next yoga class. And no, it won't be because of your flexibility. 

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10. Scent By Six’s Diffusers

Here in Singapore, we value our homegrown brands and are always proud of what each has to offer.

Scent By Six is a local fragrance company that offers decadent reed diffusers, candles, perfumes and more. 

If you are looking to get some from them, try the Care To Sleep Better Reed Diffuser set which includes bergamot, pineapple essence, lemon peel, sandalwood and more in its fragrance to craft a soothing and calming scent designed to prepare you for a good sleep.

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11. TWG’s Singapore Breakfast Tea

Forget English Breakfast Tea, no trip to Singapore is complete without taking home TWG Tea’s localised breakfast blend, Singapore Breakfast Tea.

The blend is a sophisticated combination of green tea, black tea, rich vanilla and rare spices, a complex flavour profile that is uniquely Singaporean.

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12. Ollella’s Kueh Lapis Sagu

Malay kueh plays a rather prominent role in many Singaporeans’ lives and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone here who doesn’t remember carefully peeling layer after layer of a classic rainbow kueh lapis. 

Ollella’s chewy and Instagramable Kueh Lapis Sagu is a must-buy in our books. Chomp into it or do it just like us: peel off each layer, one at a time, and enjoy it like a true Singaporean.

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13. Indian Spice Box’s Spice Box

What is a meal without spices? Enjoyed the Indian food here in Singapore and want to recreate them at home? Pick up Indian Spice Box’s convenient and gorgeous spice box before you head home. 

The box comes with nine organic spices that form the bedrock of most Indian meals as well as a beautiful cookbook with 30 simple and delicious recipes. 

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14. Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh's Ang Ku Kueh