From a fresh new space that is easily interchangeable to a 15-metre window frontage, here's what you can expect from Design Orchard Retail Showcase's new concept space

After closing its doors to customers for a month, Design Orchard Retail Showcase (DORS) has finally reopened the space with an elevated in-store experience meant to increase brand awareness and improve the overall customer experience.

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“We noticed during the pandemic that more customers are looking for unique shopping experiences and store activations like styling, fashion shows or events. So we wanted to reinvent the space to reflect that,” Julynn Tay, the general manager of DORS said at the reopening of the store. 

The revamp is part of efforts to strengthen Orchard Road’s position as a lifestyle destination while also creating new events and retail experiences that will revitalise Singapore’s shopping district. 

As many would know, DORS has, since it opened in 2019, been the largest one-stop store for local brands with over a hundred Singapore-owned small companies in-store. 

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Photo: Iwa Design
Above Photo: Iwa Design

“When it came to planning for the refresh, there were three main stakeholders we kept in mind. Our customers, the brands and the team working in the store,” Tay explained. 

“For one, we moved the cashier counter to the centre of the store so that it’s easier for customers to access it. The fitting rooms are also now right next to the store room so it’s easy for our staff to retrieve different sizes or products and customers have a much shorter waiting time,” Tay said. She added that they also opened up the back entrance of the store and linked it to a pickup point so customers would be able to access it particularly if it was raining or very hot.

Some other changes include a brand new VIP lounge with a private fitting room where shoppers can access exclusive events and personalised services.

Brands also now have a new content creation corner in the store where they can create, stage, and shoot content for social media while also engaging with their consumers directly in the store.

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Photo: Iwa Design
Above Photo: Iwa Design

The most exciting new addition to the store though is their revamped 15-metre window frontage that has been refreshed and redone to better fit the space.

“We now have a full-length, longer window with a lot more space which really increases what we can do with it. We can have runways, performances, live shows and so much more. The options are really endless now,” said Tay.

Brand awareness is also a key focal point of the store which has brand new tracks on the ceiling to cater to in-store panels, shelving, hanging rods and more.

The tracks provide an interchangeable layout that will give customers fresh experiences every time they enter the store while also providing brands with the valuable opportunity to present their unique brands in a more visible way. 

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Photo: Iwa Design
Above Photo: Iwa Design

“Now that the world is opening up and our restrictions are lifting, it’s honestly so different now that I can put my brand in-store. My customers can touch and feel the materials and try them on and it makes a world of a difference,” said Leonard Cheong, the founder of gender-fluid activewear brand Finixwear at the relaunch. 

“I started my brand two years ago in the pandemic and having a space here in Design Orchard after being online for so long has been incredible. It has really driven sales and the revamp will certainly help as well,” Cheong continued. 

In the coming months, customers will be able to look forward to an exciting line-up of programmes tied to signature events and themes including sustainability-centric activations and a pop-up to celebrate National Day


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