Cover A tactile mix of leather, velvet and other fabrics creates a cosy ambience in the living and dining areas of the abode

Topic Studio gave this sleek show unit in GuocoLand’s Wallich Residences design touches that visually expand its dimensions and highlight its luxurious feel and the amazing views

The challenge with compact apartments is maximising the perception of space through the clever use of materials and colours, as well as natural light. Together with a little creative ingenuity, the effective execution of such tips and tricks can help owners live large in their new homes.

So it was with Topic Studio, which was tasked to imbue this 1,658sqft show unit in GuocoLand’s Wallich Residence with a sense of spaciousness and an elegant aesthetic that communicates its upscale credentials. The developer had sought to demonstrate the functionality and design possibilities of a four-bedroom apartment situated in Guoco Tower, the tallest building in Singapore.

Led by a design approach geared towards functionality and form, lead designer Jason Loh crafted a contemporary, clean-lined abode that is understated yet peppered with plush elements throughout.

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Natural illumination is a designer’s best friend when it comes to visually expanding any space. This apartment features large windows in most of its rooms; these invite the light in to wash over the entire unit and create an airy, open feel that instantly raises the spirits.

The living area’s pale flooring and neutral colour scheme also help to visually create space, and are given a classy lift with the generous use of dusky-hued wood and marble, and contrasting gilded trims. “We wanted to drive the idea of a dark-scheme unit that has a touch of elegance,” says Loh. “In terms of material finishes, we envisioned creating a warm and dynamic atmosphere.”

Topic Studio also incorporated touches that evoke a sense of lightness and playfulness to balance out the elements in darker hues. Cushions in a teal shade draw the eye to the light-coloured sofa, as do the backlit timber shelves housing a range of curios. An armchair sporting upholstery in a geometric pattern ties the dark and light tones of the living space together. The living room’s aesthetic segues effortlessly into the dining area, with furnishings in similar colours and finishes.

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The home’s design language evolves as one moves from the common areas to the individual rooms. The use of a neutral palette jazzed up by contrasting dark timber prevails, as does the wealth of natural daylight afforded by large windows. However, the rooms sport warmer hues and softer textures to foster a sense of cosiness and relaxation.

Topic Studio used a combination of wood veneers, soft upholstery and bespoke wallcoverings to create an inviting feel in these private sanctuaries. “We carefully chose accent colours to create a sense of variety in each bedroom while maintaining a cohesive look,” says Loh.

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Individual talking points include an artwork in the master bedroom comprising a mix of materials, colours and shapes that catches the eye and evokes a sense of exuberance. In the study, a painting lends artistic intrigue and breaks up the general uniformity of the area with abstract shapes; its forms and hues are mirrored by those on the rug.

Completed in February this year, the three-month renovation resulted in a unit that strikes an effective balance between quality and simplicity and typifies Topic Studio’s ethos of creating elegant, layered interiors that tell a story.

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