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Topic Studio crafts a glamorous show apartment in GuocoLand's Wallich Residence that takes inspiration from fashion icon Ralph Lauren

A collaboration with Topic Studio

“What I believe in is the timelessness of an attitude, the timelessness of style,” said American fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Local firm Topic Studio took this quote to heart for this show apartment project for GuocoLand, by crafting an interior that takes a cue from the fashion legend’s effortlessly elegant aesthetic.

Situated in the Wallich Residence development in Guoco Tower, the tallest building in Singapore, the 2,013sqft apartment demonstrates a striking look that differentiates it from the other show units. “We created a design concept that is unique, attractive, and has a timeless character,” says Darrion Loo, the lead designer on the project.

One of the unit’s most striking features is its skyline views, which are visible throughout the property. The designers capitalised on this asset by orientating the furnishings to face the panoramic views. 

In the open-plan living room, the sofa looks out towards the balcony, instead of facing a TV. A bar counter by the window creates yet another spot to enjoy a drink while admiring the sunset; its sculptural look conceals an existing column while creating an unexpected focal point. A neutral scheme connects the dining and living areas, complemented by silver-framed artworks that echo the metallic trimmings on the walls. 

We created a design concept that is unique, attractive, and has a timeless character
Darrion Loo, designer from Topic Studio

Next to the sofa is a marble-topped dining table and chairs from Costantini Pietro. Here, mirrored panels expand the sense of space, while a high-gloss ebony finish applied to the walls completes the sophisticated look. This ebony finish is used on the walls, cabinetry and other furnishings in the bedrooms as well; it’s among the visual cues that contribute to the apartment’s cohesive design scheme.

A rich mix of materials including velvet, leather and dark wood veneer creates a handsome look, accompanied by accent pieces in earthy, terracotta tones.

Additionally, striped patterns on the walls and accent pieces playfully reference fashion influences from Ralph Lauren, while framed images of horses parallel the American brand’s equestrian connections.

“I’m greatly influenced by fashion, literature and music,” says Loo. “Our design philosophy is about finding the perfect balance of contrasting textures—a mix of rough and soft materials, combined with intricate detailing and colours.”Completed within three months, the makeover demonstrates the studio’s finesse with materials and colours, combined masterfully to create a restful yet exquisite interior.

Topic Design Studio 
Led by founder Tan Sze Ling, this homegrown practice has crafted numerous stunning luxury residential and commercial projects in Singapore and beyond; these include elegant show units for GuocoLand's Wallich Residence and many other stellar projects. Currently, the local studio is designing several showflats while working on major renovation work for houses with decades of history. “Our approach is very human-centric and client-based; the owners’ brief is as crucial. Ultimately we want to create interiors that tell a story,” says Tan. Combining intricate detailing with cultural nuances, the team has created elegant layered spaces that pay attention to its unique locale and context. 

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