Cover Blahaj, a shark mascot from Ikea, stars as a property agent in Japan in this video; you can also visit Blahaj's office at the Ikea stores in Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Shibuya (Image: Ikea Japan)

Promoted by its adorable shark mascot Blahaj, Swedish retailer Ikea is offering you a fully-furnished, warm and cosy apartment in Shinjuku, and costs less than US$1 a month. The catch? It spans only 107 sqft

If you’ve always wanted to live in Tokyo but have been deterred by the astronomical rent prices, well, now’s your chance to live in the world's most populous metropolis—for just ¥99 (US$0.86) a month, no less. 

Your landlord might come as a surprise, though; it’s Swedish furnishings retailer Ikea. Known for their affordable and space-saving furniture, the popular Swedish giant is offering a 107 sqft apartment in Tokyo’s vibrant Shinjuku district. 

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There’s only a single unit available, and it comes completely furnished and outfitted with Ikea products. Proving that the brand’s products can help you make the most out of even the smallest spaces, the cosy apartment is not only equipped with a loft bed, but also a washing machine, kitchenette, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower. 

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The space is decked in Ikea products and decor. The modular Ivar shelving unit, popular for its versatility, maximises the apartment’s lofty height and functions as a wardrobe and a storage cabinet, while the Muddus drop-leaf table doubles as a study desk and a dining table that can be expanded for two. An Alefjäll office chair ensures that you can work from home in comfort, while the compact Vallentuna corner sofa is both a cosy reading nook and a guest bed.

Interested to look at the space even further? Take a tour of the apartment with your friendly property agent, who’s a shark—well, not just any other shark, it’s everyone’s favourite Blahaj shark toy, who has transformed into a life-sized mascot.

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The snug apartment is part of Ikea’s Tiny Homes apartment rental service campaign. Potential tenants have to be over 20 years old, and the rental service is open to those who are part of the Ikea Family membership programme. You’ve got to be quick, though—applications close December 3, 2021. The lucky person chosen will have a lease period from December 15, 2021 to January 15, 2023. Interested applicants can learn more here

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