Cover The living room is furnished with a medley of Pierre Paulin seats in neutral hues

Crafted as an ode to European design and craftsmanship, this dreamy apartment by Evocateurs features impeccably elegant details and bespoke elements

With its graceful parks, elegant boulevards, and cultural and historical landmarks, Paris offers an unmistakable charm. Inspired by the homeowners' memories of the French city as well as their love for Europe, Jennifer Murray, design principal of Evocateurs, sought to capture the romance and grandeur of European cities in this project's remarkable makeover, realised in collaboration with AHC Build Team. 

“I always find a boundless source of design inspiration in my clients, whether it’s their personalities or experiences that evoke great memories. My role is to help them create the storyline [in their homes],” explains Murray.

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Explore the stunning Europe-influenced abode with Jennifer Murray in the video below: 

Above Evocateurs design director Jennifer Murray discusses the design of an elegant apartment that takes inspiration from European cities.

To craft this narrative, the designer opened up the space and brought “soul, substance, and a dash of fun and unexpected appeal to the airy abode.”

“The original floor plan was boxy and simple; it was very functional, but had so much potential,” she recalls. “I wanted to inject elegance and flair [into the home], so taking down the walls was paramount.” 

In contrast to the original angular layout, the new scheme features curved interior architectural elements that are easy on the eye. The domed ceiling adds a sense of classicism to the living area, while graceful arches contribute to its elegant look.

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The apartment’s whitewashed walls in Venetian plaster are paired with solid timber chevron flooring and elevated with metallic trimmings in brass and other gilded finishes. Boasting a neutral colour scheme, the muted hues form the perfect backdrop for statement details. This includes the striking domed ceiling in the living room, which catches the eye with its intricacy.

“People forget that ceilings are the fifth wall in a home. They can be the perfect place to make a surprising statement,” says Murray. “We created the ceiling in the living room with petal-inspired moulding. We had to look around Europe—from Russia to Italy—to find a supplier who could do a curved oval and domed moulding for us. We eventually found a company in the UK who was willing to take on the challenge, and the effort was worth it!”

The decision to furnish the sanctuary with sculptural seats by French furniture and interior designer Pierre Paulin was made by the homeowners, who were keen admirers of his iconic designs. “The whole design path was created from the love the homeowners had for Pierre Paulin’s Sofa C and Alpha club chairs,” says Murray. “They served as our first inspiration, and I love how they had the perfect combination of being both sculptural and soft.” 

Paired with the Tongue chair, another of Paulin’s most celebrated designs, the playful seats exude an inviting air with their expressive personalities. The space also features the Morphe coffee tables from Atelier Straf, alongside a trio of black and white onyx wall sconces from Piedra Collection.

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In the dining area, other Paulin-designed pieces hold court. The Élysée dining set creates an inimitable sense of poise; they were first designed by the French designer for the private living quarters of the then-French president George Pompidou's Élysée Palace apartment. 

“Pre-pandemic, we would usually travel to see the pieces. Instead, I had to make a couple of calls to Paris to speak to Paulin’s son Benjamin himself,” says Murray. “It all stems from Paulin’s family heritage; the designer had a wonderfully sensuous take on modernity. I wanted to capture that essence in the home to create a space that’s passionate and whimsical.”

The adjoining patisserie-inspired kitchen is another key area in this home. Ornate marble grooves and burnished brass appliances from Italian kitchen brand Officine Gullo craft a bespoke feel to the culinary zone.

The addition of pieces such as French designer Pierre Yovanovitch’s Mama Bear armchair in the study as well as the 76.1 pendant lighting from Bocci in the master bedroom adds a contemporary touch to the abode. 

Murray’s conscientious curation of materials and details was intended to echo both the modern and classical elements traditionally found in French-style interiors. “We also brought in metallic touches through accent pieces like the architraves, ambient lighting, as well as the metal inserts and framing throughout the home,” the designer explains. 

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In striking contrast to the neutral scheme found in the rest of the apartment, the powder room is a vibrant space. Its mesh ceiling is a brilliant showcase for everchanging floral displays, which are changed periodically depending on the fresh blooms available. The hand-painted De Gournay wallpaper breathes life into the space with its pink flamingo motifs, while the customised pink onyx basin with a gold swan tap by Vicalvi adds a dose of panache. 

“I wanted the bathrooms to feel glamorous, maybe even paradisiacal,” says Murray. “I used metal arches and vivid colours to create a fresh, vibrant space. With the powder room being the show-stopper, I wanted to focus on luxurious touches that create an eccentric, playful, and quaint surprise for guests.”

The overall result is an idyllic abode with a romantic atmosphere and a soulful character. “When you step into this striking home, I want it to steal your heart by igniting all five senses to evoke an emotional connection. We focused on choosing quality pieces over quantity, as less can make more of a statement,” says Murray. “I wanted the home to tell a story of love; a love of memories, of beautifully designed pieces, and more.”

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