Lladró introduces its most captivating character yet, The Guest

Hailing from Valencia, Spain, Lladró is renowned for its handcrafted porcelain figurines, having been in the business for close to 70 years.

Each Lladró piece is delicately made by sculptors and craftsmen following an entirely handmade process that combines ancient techniques with an unmistakable palette of signature colours. From chemistry to modelling, carving, relief, etching and painting, a team of expert artists and designers keep age-old crafts and techniques alive in order to turn porcelain into dreams come true.

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The brand released a truly creative collection, The Guest, which is a series of masterpieces that came to life through a collaboration with a host of artists. Kickstarted by Jaime Hayon in 2012, The Guest started off as a blank canvas, and have since had input from creatives such as Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Devilrobots, Henn Kim, Ricardo Cavolo, Supakitch and even Paul Smith, to name but a few.

This collaboration of artists from different disciplines with a brand like Lladró—that has its own rich history and artisanal processes—calls for a shared creative goal that has clearly been reached in all the projects carried. The maison’s profound knowledge of porcelain, the technical know-how of its team of decorators and artisans, and the close cooperation with the artists, have given rise to pieces that are surprising and fun, elegant and unique.

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The artisanal process behind The Guest, with the countless steps involved, proves just how rewarding and fruitful is the tandem between contemporary design and tradition. We take a look at these guests.

As mentioned, the birth of the icon came via Jaime Hayon, who stated that “my intention was to be part of the company’s evolution, my intention was never a revolution. For several generations, its artisans have accrued control over an art form and techniques.
My task was to add that extra contemporary touch.” Which he has definitely done wonderfully, as we check out the other pieces by fellow designers.

For US artist Tim Biskup, The Guest is an elegant way of fusing fragmented geometric forms and sees his groundbreaking theories of colour and design injected into the figurine. His compatriot Gary Baseman crafted bold forms drawn in soft pink and violet, over black and brown.

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European character designer Rolito concentrated on textures, giving his Lladró piece magic pajamas and shiny feet. Meanwhile, Japanese design team Devilrobots which specialise in character designs perfectly combined polka dots and stripes in their rendition.

Henn Kim, a South Korean illustrator, had his figurine feature both a plaster and a flower on its head—symbolising the fact that despite suffering, life still flourishes. Supakitch and Ricardo Cavolo delivered a couple of creations each, respectively capturing
the wealth of colour of sunshine as it plays over the water and the breathtaking imagery from legends and fantasy nature. In fact, Cavolo even portrays his own son and wife in his creation.

Last but not least, Paul Smith showcases two seemingly opposite poles using a cat and dog strewn with confetti wearing masks.

There you have it, some eccentric, but surely wonderful and not to mention colourful guests that would be a welcome addition to your home.

Lladró, Lot F13, First Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre 285 Jalan Maarof, 49000 Kuala Lumpur


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