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These smart investments in your kitchen will make cooking a lot easier and quicker

You might not be a master chef, but whipping up a delicious meal—when you’re pressed for time or exhausted after work—is made effortless these days with an array of advanced kitchen appliances. Combining the best of form and function, these stylish and modern cookwares are also perfect for trying your hand out at viral recipes that have sent the internet into a frenzy. 

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1. Tefal’s Cake Factory Delices

Baking is seamlessly easy with Tefal’s new Cake Factory Delicies. With five intelligent baking programmes that automatically adjusts the cooking time and temperature of bakes that range from lava cakes to meringues, the appliance is perfect for baking novices. Little ones can also try their hands at baking with easy-to-use controls and cool-touch handles.

For seasoned bakers, the appliance also comes with a manual mode for baking treats such as tarte tartin or even custard mousse. An assortment of baking supplies such as eco-friendly cake trays and moulds as well as muffin cups are provided with the cookware. Just in time for the upcoming festive season, Tefal’s new appliance is perfect for baking festive goods or even viral TikTok recipes such as banana bread or floating meringue animals.

2. V-Zug’s Combi-Steam MSLQ

Uniquely combining the functions of a steamer, microwave oven and an oven within a single piece of equipment, Swiss appliance brand V-Zug’s Combi-Steam MSLQ delivers versatile functionality. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, the different cooking processes offer a variety of options when preparing meals efficiently. 

The sleek design also features ​​quick and intuitive functions and even an option to personalise your experience with colour schemes and background images on the screen. For novice cookers, the appliance is even equipped with over 100 handy default settings for different types of food. You can even use the Combi-Steam MSLQ to make bakes such as focaccia bread; for a take on the viral garden focaccia bread, express your artistic flair by decorating the tops with colourful veggies.

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3. Irinox Fresco Elite

Irinox’s Fresco Elite presents a sleek balance of style and function. The free-standing multifunctional blast chiller is designed to rapidly chill or freeze hot or freshly-prepared food, and can thaw raw food under controlled conditions. The appliance also offers an array of advanced functions such as low-temperature cooking, reheating, food preservation, shock freezing, and even rapid chilling for wines and other beverages.

Featuring a brushed stainless steel outer finish and a dark grey glass door, the Fresco Elite’s stylish design adds a dose of sophistication to countertops. If you’re attempting trendy recipes, you can shock-freeze fresh fruits for healthier smoothie bowls, or even bake a salmon fillet at a low temperature to make the popular TikTok salmon rice bowl popularised by Emily Mariko. 

4. WMF Perfect Premium pressure cooker

In a time crunch? A pressure cooker can help. While pressure cookers of the past gained a bad rep for how dangerous they could be, modern-day pressure cookers are equipped with safety features that prevent excess pressure build-up and locking lid handles that will not open until the pressure is released from the pot.

The WMF Perfect Premium pressure cooker offers two settings—one at 105 degrees Celsius and the other at 115 degrees Celsius—as well as a detachable handle that will allow you to easily clean the appliance. Besides reducing the cooking time by up to 70%, the pressure cooker also retains a high level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your ingredients.

5. Ninja Air Fryer Max

Air fryers have rapidly gained popularity over the past few years. The trending appliance offers a fuss-free way to easily heat up food with hot-air circulation cooking your ingredients from all angles, whilst significantly decreasing the amount of oil absorbed, as compared to deep-frying.

Ninja’s Air Fryer Max comes equipped with a wide temperature range and six automatic functions, as well as a digital timer. The dishwasher-friendly parts also ensure that cleaning is a breeze. TikTok’s favourite recipe—the dreamy-looking cloud bread (which isn’t exactly bread; it’s more of a soft-baked meringue with a light and spongy texture)—can, in fact, be made in an air-fryer and not an oven. Have a go at it!

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