Cover The French bistro-style shelving in this kitchen designed by Marie Flanigan Interiors features black metal frames (Image: Marie Flanigan Interiors)

If you’re looking for creative kitchen storage solutions for a sleek yet chic look, turn to these kitchen shelves for some inspiration

Besides serving as organisational lifesavers, kitchen shelves also provide a way to express your personality. They hold a medley of objects—whether it's a colourful, eye-catching appliance or cherished dishware. 

If you’re thinking of spicing up your shelves for your next #shelfie moment, we’ve rounded up all the kitchen shelf inspiration you could possibly need. Whether it’s classic cabinetry or bistro-style shelving, these storage options will make holding your kitchen essentials so much more fun. It’s time to give your shelves an upgrade.

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1. Play with colours

This cheery open plan kitchen designed by London-based studio Uncommon Projects features towering yellow custom-built shelves that extend up to the upper floor study. The playful design allows for extensive storage space, whilst simultaneously creating an eye-catching backdrop.

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2. Keep it simple

A single linear shelf forms the narrative in this kitchen. The sleek shelf also forms a divide against the textured backsplash, adding a layer of depth to the room. Simple and rustic, the style of the shelf complements the natural charm of this cosy French villa designed by Jessica Barouch.

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3. Line it up

These floating shelves that line the walls of the kitchen form a cohesive configuration throughout the space. Designed by Outpost studio, the homeowners of this refurbished cottage fully utilise the space—shelves are fitted into every corner and angle possible. The trick for a bright and airy look? To not over-clutter the space with bulky appliances.

4. Play with proportions

If you’re not a fan of the long uninterrupted shelf, try amplifying the space with smaller pocket shelves instead. As seen in this kitchen styled by Emma Hos, these versatile wooden shelves keep your kitchen visually appealing, whilst still acting as a repository for your kitchenware.

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5. Hang your stemware

Designed by E&A Interiors, this chic dry kitchen with varying textures and shades of blue contains two mini mighty open shelves. The bottom of each shelf is adorned with a stemware rack, which not only frees up storage space but also allows for wine glasses to be readily accessible when entertaining guests.

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6. Showcase your tableware

You can’t mention kitchen shelves and not mention restaurants. Located at Shaw House, Jinjo is a modern sumiyaki restaurant. The cosy interior includes warm lighting and wooden influences, but the most eye-catching aspect of the space is the custom shelves holding Japanese pottery. The custom shelf compartments make flaunting your dishware so much more stylish.

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7. Take inspiration from the bistros

Classic and elegant, bistro-style shelves are a statement piece in the kitchen. Typically constructed out of glass and bronze or iron holders, the shelves have a timeless appeal. They’re an easy way to add a touch of French charm to the kitchen.

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8. Make it bespoke

If your kitchen leans on the smaller side, recessed shelves might be your answer. These built-in shelves sit right into the wall, adding a layered dimension to the kitchen without taking up extra floor space. Created by Heidi Caillier Design, the cabinetry in this kitchen features Shaker-style elements and gold detailing, breaking up the potentially monotonous look.

9. Make your shelves the focal point

Designed by Australia-based studio YSG, the large cubicle display shelf provides plenty of space for kitchen appliances, dishware and recipe books. The narrow shelf against the wall adds extra dimension to the space and serves as additional storage for slender wine bottles.    

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10. Incorporate iconic shelf designs

Danish furniture company Montana is known for their customisable, modular storage solutions. The Panton wire storage system works perfectly as shelves in the kitchen, too; it’s sturdy, versatile and flexible. If you ever need a kitchen refresh, you can take the shelves down and customise them to your needs by transforming them as a side table. 

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