Cover KitchenAid's artisan stand mixer in the colour Honey adds vibrance to the kitchen Image: KitchenAid

These effortlessly chic appliances will add a dose of panache to any kitchen

Gifting Mum a gift for Mother’s Day can get tricky, especially if you’re unsure if you should go down the classic flower route or switch lanes and shower her with a thoughtful gift instead. 

If you’re seeking a gift for the mothers who are enthusiastic home chefs and bakers, there are a range of stylish kitchen appliances on the market that would make the perfect presents. These apparatuses are not only useful when it comes to lightening the workload in the kitchen, but they’re also easy on the eye atop kitchen counters.

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1. KitchenAid artisan stand mixer

For a bright burst of colour in the kitchen, opt for KitchenAid’s famed mixer in the shade Honey, their colour of the year for 2021. With a warm golden-orange undertone, the colour radiates positivity and helps spark a sense of exuberance in the kitchen.

Besides offering 10 different speeds to help thoroughly mix and knead ingredients, the powerful mixer is also compatible with over 10 optional attachments such as pasta makers and food grinders—making whipping up a meal in the kitchen seamlessly easy and fun. 

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2. The Morning Machine

If your mom (and you) can’t survive without a daily cup of coffee, turn to this award-winning upcoming release for your essential cup of joe. Aptly named the Morning Machine, this capsule machine is created by experienced founders of specialty coffee roasters Leon Foo and Andre Chanco. 

Perfect for both the everyday drinker as well as the home barista, the sleek machine has ten default recipes built-in for ultimate convenience. For coffee connoisseurs, you can adjust the temperature settings, coffee output through a built-in scale, as well as the pressure profile—a first for coffee capsule machines. With its innovative features and modish design, it comes as no surprise that the Morning Machine also recently clinched the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design. 

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3. Smeg x Dolce & Gabbana toaster

Toast your morning bread in style with this Smeg toaster that’s designed in collaboration with Italian luxury maison Dolce & Gabbana. The aesthetically-pleasing collection, titled Sicily is My Love, features a range of appliances wrapped in vibrant and colourful designs. Inspired by the natural elements of Sicily, the toaster features swirling ornamental motifs that will instantly brighten up both the kitchen counter and your mom’s day.

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4. V-Zug ovens

For enthusiastic home bakers, you won’t go wrong with V-Zug’s ovens. The ovens have been sleekly designed to ensure that the entire cooking and baking process is relaxed and easy, from start to end. Equipped with an easy-to-use adjusting knob and individual operating modes that provide convenient functions, V-Zug’s ovens allow you to easily prepare meals. After baking and cooking, the ovens are effortlessly easy to clean as they are designed with pyrolysis and other sophisticated materials. 

V-Zug has also recently launched long-term warranty packages for their appliances in Singapore. Termed the V-Zug Care, these packages are a comprehensive service and support solution that’ll allow even the most avid bakers and home chefs to continually use the ovens with a peace of mind. 

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5. Samsung Microwave Oven with Grill Fry

Microwave ovens are the jack-of-all-trades in a kitchen. They’re nifty assistants that help make working in the kitchen much more seamless, whether it’s popping popcorn or reheating leftovers. Their designs however, are typically never ideal; these clunky appliances are often hulking silver monstrosities that occupy a large space on countertops. 

Samsung’s Microwave Oven with Grill Fry series is a gamechanger in the field. The microwave adds a dash of personality to the kitchen with its stylish and compact design. Opt for a pop of colour with a cool mint or a sweet pastel pink, or choose to go sleek and minimalistic with the black and white options. The smooth glass surface complete with a full glass control panel gives the microwave oven a lustrous surface whilst maintaining its easy-to-clean attribute. 

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6. Miele Blackboard edition refrigerator

Miele’s recently launched Blackboard edition refrigerator is a deft combination of high energy efficiency with a sleek appearance. The new refrigerator features a spacious and cooling interior, alongside an active air filter that keeps the environment odourless and fresh. 

The highlight of the Blackboard edition refrigerator lies in the doors—constructed out of glass, the blackboard fronts are able to be written or drawn on with chalk crayons and liquid chalk markers. You can conveniently jot down dinner menus, grocery lists, or whatever that comes to mind; the smooth surface allows the scribbles to be easily wiped off.

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7. Wells Singapore The One water purifier

This stylish water purifier is currently the only system water purifier in the world. Don’t overlook the ultra-slim appliance, the purifier is able to purify water and dispense both warm and cold water after going through an advanced sterilisation and filtration system with patented technology. 

A single touch is all you need to control the volume and temperature of the dispensed water. The hidden filtering system equipped in the purifier is able to remove and filter out 35 different types of harmful microorganisms. Best yet, the sleek device is 8.8cm in diameter, taking up little space on your countertops.

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