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Wunderwall Design shares pointers on the essentials for creating the ideal space for a good night's sleep

“A bedroom is, ultimately, the last room you spend time in before you call it a day. A relaxing bedroom should be a space for contemplation and reconnection with your inner thoughts after a long day,” says Ee Wil Ken, one of the trio that also includes Sharmaine Wong and Chia Wei Hoong who make up Wunderwall Design

This young interior design studio has been making waves with unique commercial projects like Small Shifting Spaces and Jibby on the Park. However, their private residential projects are equally adept at weaving beautiful narratives. 


When it comes to the essential elements for a relaxing bedroom, Ee suggests natural textures, the right amount of windows, a lounge chair by the corner of the room and soft lighting to warm up the space. “Select pieces that are subtle and strong in their materiality because natural materials exude a warmth that is incomparable to man-made objects, and this warmth is crucial for a bedroom,” continues Ee. 

Another important consideration is choosing sustainable pieces: “It is important to be able to pick out eco-friendly pieces wherever we can because we are at an age where industrialisation and technology are at their highest and still evolving. A small step in choosing sustainably produced furniture goes a long way.”

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1. Sculptural Storage 

Storage is always needed in a bedroom. What better way to combine functionality with form than with the Original Ptolomeo bookcase by Bruno Rainaldi from Opinion Ciatti available from Space Furniture.

“It is a minimal bookcase that also gives books a more sculptural way of storage and fits into a bedroom as a shelf for a select collection,” opines Ee.

2. Bit on the Side

A bedroom isn’t complete without side tables, and Wunderwall’s pick is the Gli Scacchi Side Table by Mario Bellini from B&B Italia.

Available from Space Furniture, Ee chose this side table in leather because of its highly customisable quality: “The table has a pure cubic form and can be organised to form interesting installation-like storage for objects like candles, books and even a table lamp.”

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3. Points of Interest

Adding character is always crucial when finessing a space, and for the bedroom, Ee recommends pieces which can be added and subtracted according to one’s mood. One such object is the Nuage Vase designed by the Bouroullec brothers for Vitra and available from Haus Living.

“The organic cloud-like forms create small points of interest in a bedroom, and different modules can be pieced together to create different formations. I love this piece and how it brings character to a space despite it being a small object,” states Ee.


4. Easy does it

Curating a relaxing space calls for pieces which encourage ease, and the Kalos Armchair from Maxalto fits the bill while looking incredibly elegant.

Designed by renowned architect Antonio Citterio and available from Space Furniture, Ee loves it, particularly in off-white fabric upholstery: “A bedroom needs an easy chair by the corner for reading or an occasional afternoon nap, and I think this chair is perfect. Its slipcover design and sensuous form make it a quiet but necessary piece in almost any bedroom.”

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5. Centre of Attention

The bed is the undeniable star of any bedroom and apart from being comfortable to use, it should be visually comfortable as well.

The Dike Bed also by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto and available from Space Furniture is an excellent choice as its unique headboard allows for it to be placed right in the centre of the room or against a wall: “It has a monolithic form yet is soft and enveloping. It also anchors the bed as the focus of the room, reinforcing that the sole purpose of the room really is for a goodnight’s sleep.”

6. Sensory Perception

All the senses should be soothed in a bedroom and what better way to achieve that than with the Aesop brass oil burner.

Designed by Studio Henry Wilson for Aesop, this refined vessel is crafted from solid brass using ancient moulding techniques: “The oil burner is a small sculptural object that functions just as well, and an oil burner is an essential for winding down and relaxation. I have one and it sits near my bed.”


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