Cover These stylish mix of Georg Jensen Terra plant pots by Norwegian studio Snøhetta will liven up new abodes (Image: Georg Jensen)

From large statement candles to versatile vases, these thoughtful housewarming gifts will help new homeowners set the tone for fresh beginnings in their new abode

Moving into a new home is a momentous occasion, and offering your host a thoughtful housewarming gift to dress their new abode will always be much appreciated. With the festive season right around the corner, new homeowners are perhaps hosting holiday dinner parties that also double as housewarming parties. 

Here, the Tatler Asia editorial team have picked out their selection of gifts that’ll be sure to impress, whether you’re looking for a housewarming gift or a holiday gift—or both. These thoughtful selections will help liven up your host's new dwelling with a chic flair as they get settled into the next stage of their life. 

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1. Diptyque Baies maxi candle

I think a great housewarming gift is Diptyque’s maxi candles—Baies is always a crowd pleaser! Aside from making the home smell pleasant for a long time, the minimalist aesthetic will fit seamlessly into any household. Plus, they make great planters after you’ve finished using the candle (although this will take a while!).

—Pakkee Tan, Digital Director, Tatler Singapore

Available from Escentials

2. Fritz Hansen Ikebana small vase by Jaime Hayon

I think the elegant Fritz Hansen Ikebana vases by Jaime Hayon can make excellent gifts, particularly if the recipient adores hand-picking fresh flowers for their home regularly. Inspired by the art of ikebana, the mouth-blown vase features a metal structure with perforations that make it super easy to keep loose stems—be they dried flowers or fresh blooms—in place, while providing inspiring ways to display the arrangement of the week. 

—Hong Xinying, Regional Managing Editor, Tatler Homes

Available from W. Atelier

3. Handcrafted mahjong tiles from Biu Kee Mahjong

Given that mahjong is one of the greatest pastimes for many of us in Asia—and something we love to do while hosting at home—you couldn’t go amiss with a beautiful set of the tile game as a housewarming gift. But I’d encourage you to look beyond mahjong sets from luxury brands. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, of course. But for something truly unique, look to Biu Kee Mahjong.

Located on Hong Kong’s storied Temple Street in Jordan, Biu Kee is run by Cheung Shun-king, aka Uncle King, one of the city’s last remaining artisan mahjong tile carvers. Here, Uncle King painstakingly crafts every stroke, pattern and Chinese character on mahjong tiles using a variety of handmade tools. A set will set you back around US$640. If you’re gifting someone who’s not a mahjong player, Uncle King also offers custom-made handcrafted tiles with the design and text of your choice. 

—Andrea Lo, Editor, Tatler Homes Hong Kong

Biu Kee Mahjong is located at 235 Temple Street, Jordan, Hong Kong | +852 2730 4028

4. Beyond the Vines x Morning coffee machine

If the new homeowner is a serious coffee drinker, you wouldn't go wrong with the Beyond the Vines x Morning coffee machine. A special collaboration between both Singapore-based labels, the smart capsule machine is dressed in new colourways that'll brighten up kitchen countertops.

Combining the convenience of a machine with the skill of a barista, the machine has ten curated recipes—from a short dark roast to a Kyoto-style slow drip—to keep one fuelled. If you're gifting the machine to a coffee connoisseur who prefers customising their own brews, the machine also has various settings to take their cup of caffeine up a notch by controlling its temperature and pressure profile—a revolutionary first for coffee capsule machines. 

—Cheryl Lai-Lim, Writer, Tatler Homes Singapore 

Available from Morning


5. Georg Jensen Terra plant pots by Snøhetta

Plants are always a wonderful housewarming gift but to add a longevity factor to the gesture, consider placing said plants in one or several of the pots from Georg Jensen’s Terra collection.

The nine-piece series, crafted in terracotta and stainless steel, was designed by pioneering Norwegian design and architecture practice, Snøhetta, whose work includes the iconic Oslo Opera house. Defined by wonderfully tactile shapes inspired by nature, the pots comprise 6 different sizes of pots, three of which are uniquely reversible. Wider at the base to provide stability and room for the roots to flourish, this nod to function also created an elegant, shapely form.

To make an extra special set, these pots can be perfectly paired with the watering can and/or the watering globe, both crafted in stainless steel. Their beautifully rounded shapes were informed by the way water flows which again resulted in functional benefits like a good grip for the hand, an S-curved body shape that water can easily flow through, and a long spout to get in between the plant leaves and stems. It's form and function at its finest.

—Jennifer Choo, Editor-in-Chief, Tatler Homes Malaysia

Available from Georg Jensen

6. Helle Mardahl Bon Bon Tea glass cup

If you’ve got someone in your life who adores the colour pink, then the Helle Mardahl Bon Bon Tea glass cup in baby pink makes the perfect housewarming gift. Meticulously mouth-blown, this charming tea cup is topped with a glass sphere along its rim. With a whimsical look that makes it a surefire conversation starter, this handmade creation would be right at home in a plush pink interior à la Barbra Streisand’s iconic Malibu mansion.

—Claire Teo, Branded Content Trainee, Tatler Singapore

Available from Net-a-Porter

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