Cover As seen in this mantel designed by Prestige Global Designs, orchids imbue any space with a touch of elegance

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with auspicious plants that are believed to bring you good fortune for the year ahead

Are you set to usher in the Year of the Tiger? Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and if you haven’t had a chance to spruce up your abode, consider turning to a potted green friend or two. 

“Chinese New Year plants can help to conjure a festive mood in our homes,” says Jeremy Tay, founder and director of Singapore-based interior firm Prestige Global Designs.

Some of these auspicious plants are also seen as symbols of good luck. Whether you’re seeking for a quick and simple way to liven up your space or a last-minute house gift to bring for your house visits, these lush houseplants will do the trick.

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1. Money tree

As its name alludes, the pachira money tree is commonly believed in feng shui practices to bring great prosperity and financial fortune to its owner. Easily identifiable with its braided slender stems and sprightly leaves, the plant’s straightforward care appeals even to those who don’t believe in feng shui. Due to its prosperous nature, the money tree is often found displayed in home offices or places of businesses.

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2. Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is another aptly-named houseplant that’s highly desired during Chinese New Year. Representing upright growth, nobility and flexibility, the lucky bamboo features stalks that curl and are typically neatly bundled in a tier. Easy to care for, the houseplant is also great for novice home gardeners. Many believe that adding red ribbons and gold decorative ornaments will complement the lucky bamboo’s wood element and amplify its auspicious qualities.

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3. Orchids

According to feng shui principles, this popular flowering plant is said to bring a wealth of love and luck into your life. While there’s a formidable array of orchid species in the market, one of the most common varieties is the Phalaenopsis orchid, otherwise known as the Moth orchid. Available in a plethora of bright colours, the indoor potted plant also stays in bloom for a long time. “A beautiful flower arrangement with auspicious colours will help add vibrancy and interest,” adds Tay. 

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4. Pussy Willow

Pussy willows can be found literally everywhere during Chinese New Year, for good reason too. With its long branches and dotted buds, the flowering plant symbolises growth and reaching new heights for prosperity. Pussy willows also signify the start of spring, making them the perfect plant for the season. The plants last for months and can be kept as wonderful houseplants post-festivities.

5. Calamondin orange trees

Also known as kumquats, these mini citrus trees are incredibly popular during the season due to the emphasis on homophones and wordplay; the Chinese character for mandarins also signifies luck and fortune, and thus these fruit trees are prized by association.

“Place a pot or two of tall auspicious plants to create grandeur and welcome the guests,” Tay advises. These plants bring a zesty energy into a space and are often placed near doorways to ensure good fortune when you step into your abode.

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