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Renowned feng shui master Dato' Joey Yap kicks off this monthly column for Tatler Homes with a guide to maximising the energy of your home in the Year of the Tiger

With Chinese New Year just round the corner, preparing the home for the Year of the Tiger is right up there with procuring the tastiest festive snacks and buying new clothes. We speak to renowned feng shui master Dato' Joey Yap about how to maximise the energy of your home for a good and prosperous year ahead.

What are good feng shui practices for the home before the start of Chinese New Year?

There aren’t any specific feng shui practices for the home. However, historically and culturally, it is a celebration of the coming of spring. As such, spring cleaning would be more than appropriate to receive the coming of the new year.

From the perspective of feng shui, this would allow for better energy flow. Energy (or qi, as we call it) enters through the main door of the house and permeates throughout the home. In order to do so, the general flow of energy must be relatively smooth and unhindered. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get rid of any old unwanted and/or unused items that’s been left on the floor.

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Any feng shui tips for the home according to the elements for the Year of the tiger? 

2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. The Tiger zodiac sign clashes with this year's Grand Duke or Tai Sui; this year, the Grand Duke is associated with the northeast direction. Avoid knocking the wall or drilling a hole in this area as it may produce negative effects. Backing this direction would be great for power and authority. Backing means you face the opposite direction of the northeast sector sector; for instance, face the southwest, so one would back this direction.

Having said that, many people, even some practitioners, believe that they should do their feng shui a certain way based on their personal sign or astrology. However, the truth is that feng shui is a goal-based practice; it is a tool or a means to an end. A better way to look at it would be to take note of what you wish to achieve in 2022 and use the feng shui accordingly.

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How to maximise the energy of your home by goal or area?

Diving deeper into the yearly application of feng shui, we have to take a look at the Annual Flying Stars. In a nutshell, every year comes with their own set of energy and different sectors of the house hold a different influence for the year. By understanding and utilising these sectors well, you could use it to your advantage.


Don't: For example, Star 2, the star of illness, resides in the southwest this year. Spending time in the southwest sector of your house in 2022 might diminish your health and well-being.

Do: If your living room, bedroom or kitchen is in this sector, you can use metal items to mitigate its effects. It doesn’t need to be fancy. For example, a bowl of coins would do.


Do: What if you want to learn something new this year? You might want to use Star 4 for that. It resides in the Southeast in 2022 and it can supercharge your learning abilities. All you have to do is do your studies and revision in this part of the house. 

Don't: Forget about buying new furniture, for practical reasons, just place your study desk in the southeast corner of your room.

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Do: For those looking to get promotion or recognition at work, try Star 6. This star will be in the northwest in 2022. It gives you a boost in confidence, increase in authority, and generally increase your productivity.

Don't: Be mindful not to waste your energy on the unnecessary. One important thing to note here is that it's about doing the right thing, at the right place at the right time.


Do: If you’re looking for a special someone or looking to improve your pre-existing relationships, bank on Star 9 in the south and conduct activities that will further your romantic goal here. Besides being the secondary wealth star, it’s a star that brings joy and happiness.

Don't: Remember that it's a holistic goal, when you are a happier person overall, you’re more pleasant to be with and this will definitely be favourable for your love life.


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