Cover Bolia Botanique Plant Pot by Granstudio, from Danish Design Co

Love gardening at home? Proud plant parents should check out these chic pots and vessels

If you’re one of the many people who turned to the plant parent route during quarantine (instead of hopping on the banana bread baking bandwagon), chances are your abode is scattered with a potted green friend or two. To no one’s surprise, houseplants have grown tremendously in popularity; these lush companions help freshen up spaces, with some even functioning as natural air purifiers

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Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a novice gardener entering the fray, these stylish planters will elevate your houseplant collection. Besides serving as a humble abode for your foliage, these planters will also add a decorative flair to your interiors. From chic ceramic glazed pots to sturdy outdoor planters, take your pick below. 

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Bau Pot from Ferm Living

Inspired by the clean lines and industrial surfaces of the Bauhaus architecture style, the Bau pot will make a stylish and contemporary addition to your home garden. With its classic and minimalistic form, the planter is suitable for outdoor use as well. 

Available at Xtra

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Slinky plant pots by Andreea Cornila

Make a statement with these floating plant stands that are inspired by iconic spring toys. Playful and whimsical, these limited-edition planters have a soft matte finish and are hand-spun from a single sheet of aluminium. Formed from an elastic type of steel, the springs are designed to be flexible on touch. 

Available at The Artling

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Hay Botanical Family pots

Hay’s Botanical Family series is a collection of glazed ceramic and brass plant pots with matching saucers. Cherrypick from a range of planters available in an assortment of sizes and colours; whichever option you select, they’ll look just as chic on your windowsill. 

Available at Grafunkt

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Rattan Planter from Island Living

Rattan has been making a huge comeback. Besides adding a tropical touch to your home, rattan is also an ideal material for planters as it’s versatile, easy-to-clean, and mostly weather-resistant. This particular one from Island Living is handmade and is available in two sizes.

Available at Island Living

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Bolia Botanique Plant Pot by Granstudio

Designed by Danish design firm Granstudio, the Botanique series from Bolia is available in a range of varying sizes to suit houseplants of all kinds. Each confetti-like speckled planter is elevated by a black steel foot, creating a sophisticated uplifted look. Pair several pieces in various sizes together for a dynamic display. 

Available at Danish Design Co

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Melting pots from Tumbleweed Plants

A statement planter on its own, this series of centerpiece-worthy plant pots from Tumbleweed Plants perfectly describes the sweltering hot weather on our sunny island. Cast in different multi-coloured glazes over a matte white cylinder plant pot, these petite planters can house small indoor plants that will add lively touches to your home.

Available at Tumbleweed Plants

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Hydria Planter from Janus et Cie

The ribbed design of the Hydria plant pots from outdoor furnishings brand Janus et Cie brings natural texture and personality to home gardens. Crafted out of Janusstone, the brand’s unique combination of concrete and fibreglass, the planter is lightweight and durable for outdoor use. 

Available at Janus et Cie

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Monkey Pot from Potta Plantta

Make a cheerful addition to your abode with this conversation-starting planter. Pop a small or medium houseplant into this quirky ceramic glazed pot to bring it to life. The long looped handles further adds on to the planter’s personality.

Available at Potta Plantta

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Betty’s Party Planter from Kathy’s Cove

Create a unique botanical display with this rattan planter from Kathy’s Cove. The planter fits up to three potted plants, so you can pair different plants for a unique multilevel display. The pots are designed with an open base for natural drainage, while the top platform is lined with an open rattan weave for a timeless look.

Available at Kathy’s Cove

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Serralunga Ming High Pot by Rodolfo Dordoni

The iconic Ming pots by Milanese designer Rodolfo Dordoni are characterised by their large dimensions, wide upper edges, and sleek lines. The large planter is perfect for showcasing flourishing foliage both indoors and out.  

Available at Space Furniture