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Your furry friends are part of your family, too—these home design ideas will up the style ante of your home while accommodating your furry pets, be they canine or feline

As pet parents will know, furry companions often have their ​​fair share of messes. However, it’s definitely possible to integrate your pet’s presence seamlessly into your home whilst keeping things tidy and sticking to your design preferences. These stylish homes below have pet-friendly design elements that are not only practical, but also incredibly chic.

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1. An architect’s home with a pet-friendly kitchen

For architect Rene Tan, co-founder of Singapore-based RT+Q Architects, his home is where he experiments with various design ideas—including for his furry companions. A proud pet owner of a dog and a kitten, Tan designed his 4,811 sqft semi-detached house with pet-friendly elements.

​​The wet kitchen, in particular, is designed to accommodate both large group gatherings as well as for the pets, where they enjoy roaming about freely. For example, Debussy, the family feline, can often be found curled up near the cobalt blue service window that connects the dry kitchen to the wet kitchen.

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2. A semi-detached home in Singapore

This inviting home, belonging to a family of four alongside their two dogs, was remodelled by their friend Teo Boon Kiat, who’s also a director in local architect firm Ong&Ong’s interior design department.

Besides updating the interiors with a contemporary look, Teo also receded the entrance door to expand the size of the car porch and added extra trees to the grassy lawn. This created additional space for the family’s two large dogs to rove around the property, indoors and out.

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3. A home in Malaysia with a wabi-sabi concept

Nicknamed House 44, this two-storey home ​​in Shah Alam, Malaysia embraces the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, where one finds beauty in imperfections. Interior designer Idr Joe Chan took advantage of the generous land size and maintained an open space within the home by curating a large garden, where the family’s golden retriever can happily frolic around.

The home also features cement, plywood and natural wood finishes, which ensures a pet-friendly interior.

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4. A Parisian apartment with a retro vibe

This two-bedroom Parisian apartment designed by Champeau & Wilde features a historic yet modern interior. An eclectic mix of furniture, which includes antique pieces and flea market finds, inject character into the abode. The family’s pug can often be found lounging in the living room that’s designed for comfortable living and entertaining.

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5. A pet-friendly penthouse in Singapore

Designed by SYRB, a couple's penthouse in Singapore is carefully crafted to be a pet sanctuary. The home of local label By Invite Only founder Trixie Khong and her husband Steve Shaw, the couple made it a priority for the home to have spaces for their pets—two border collies and a cat—to play together; it was also important that the family feline had spaces to retreat to whenever it wasn’t getting along with the two dogs.

Details include a cosy corridor fitted with shelves that are specifically designed for the cat to safely climb up and take a nap when it desires time away from the dogs, as well as a master bedroom that accommodates the cat and dogs, who enjoy lounging in the space.

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6. A tropical home in Bangkok with a family of Jack Russells

This colourful home in Bangkok that belongs to landscape and hotel designer Bill Bensley and his partner, horticulturist Jirachai Rengthong is an ode to maximalist vibrance. Besides housing an extensive collection of objects and furniture from the couple’s globe-trotting days pre-pandemic, the stunning abode is also home to five mischievous Jack Russell terriers.

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7. A Corgi-friendly abode with a large garden

This weekend home belonging to Filipino society couple Donnie and Crickette Tantoco is a relaxing haven for the family’s brood of corgies. The suburban abode features a lush garden where the dogs can often be found frisking playfully around as the family tucks into their breakfast whilst enjoying the fresh air.

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8. A mid-century modern home in Perth

Singapore-based firm Design Intervention crafted a lively design narrative for a family of four and their German Shepherd. The home, located in Perth, features a U-shaped structure that surrounds a central courtyard, garden and outdoor seating area. Large glass doors offer easy access for the family’s furry companion to access the ample outdoor space, where it can be found soaking in the sun and enjoying Perth’s warm summers.

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9. A dream abode where cats and dogs live in harmony

This three-bedroom, four-storey townhouse belonging to Filipino multi-hyphenate Tim Yap and his partner Javi Martinez is built around Yap’s desire of having “a cylindrical house that would glow like the moon”. Architect Juan Carlo Calma dressed the home in shades of grey and added details such as a statement circular main front door to realise Yap’s vision.

Yap himself, who’s a huge pet lover, can often be found at different parts of the lunar-inspired home playing with his four pets—his two pooches, Panda and Gigi, as well as his kittens Pringles (a shy and rather anti-social cat) and the baby of the family, Percival.

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10. A cat-friendly apartment with tropical elements

For a couple who were worried that their cat would be unable to adjust to their new apartment, Singapore design firm Mr Shopper Studio accommodate the family feline by sourcing for suitable fabrics for the home’s sofa upholstery and furniture. This pet-friendly aspect allows the feline to meander about the home freely and adapt quickly to the new space, which is dressed in a lively mix of orange and grey.

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