Staircases can be so much more than something functional. Here’s how they can elevate the look and feel of your home

Staircases can be so much more than a simple function in your home. While a staircase’s primary function is to serve as a passage for you to ascend or descend between floors, it can do so much more like adding more appeal to what would have been a dull living space.

With the right style of staircase, you can elevate the look and feel of your house, and make it much more of a home with the ambience that best matches your aesthetic.

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We’ve curated a few staircase styles for you to consider for the next time you’d like to do some remodelling.

1. Straight

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Straight Staircase - Photo: Qinghong Shen / Unsplash
Above (Photo: Qinghong Shen/Unsplash)

No frills and (literally) straightforward, a straight staircase is a linear flight of stairs going in only one direction. It’s simple, classic, and functional. They can be constructed as floating stairs–where there is no visible support underneath–for that added flair and elegance that would look right at home in a more minimalist space. Straight stairs are also typically the easiest to build.

2. L-Shaped

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L-Shaped Staircase - Photo: Francesca Tosolini / Unsplash
Above (Photo: Francesca Tosolini/Unsplash)

Also known as quarter-turn stairs, this variation of the straight stairs features an L-shaped 90-degree bend in a portion of the stair, most commonly in the exact middle. While not all L-shaped stairs have a landing in the middle of a 90-degree bend, it is still a type of stair that changes direction. They are more visually appealing than straight stairs and provide a break in sight lines to allow for some privacy between floors.

3. Switchback

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U-Shaped Stairs - Photo: Camila Ferrari / Unsplash
Above (Photo: Camila Ferrari/Unsplash)

If you work in an office building, you will definitely have seen these stairs before. Also known as U-shaped stairs, these are another variant of straight stairs which have a 180-degree turn at the central landing, with two parallel flights of stairs. More visually interesting than straight staircases, these are also more economical when it comes to saving space. If you want to save money and space on an architectural project, switchback stairs are a good back-to-basics option. 



4. Curved

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Curved Staircase - Photo: Christina Dibernardo / Unsplash
Above (Photo: Christina Dibernardo/Unsplash)

Curved stairs are similar to the L-shaped and U-shaped stairs, but instead of having a central landing and sharp turn, these continuous stairs curve gracefully. The addition of a striking bannister adds to the air of formality of the space. This style of staircase is quite difficult to build and will need a highly skilled builder. With their wide radius, curved staircases can make quite the statement when placed near the entrance of a home. 

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5. Spiral

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Spiral Staricase - Photo: Aleksandr Kadykov / Unsplash
Above (Photo: Aleksandr Kadykov/Unsplash)

The most compact of the staircase styles, the spiral stairs are centred around a single pole and forms a perfect circle when viewed from above. This style is best used where there is little space to spare, making them a popular choice for city lofts.

A plain steel spiral staircase can bring an industrial vibe to a place, especially when paired with furniture sporting a brushed steel finish. Although, due to the spiral staircase’s narrow structure, it may not be the easiest to use.

6. Grand

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Grand Staircase - Photo: Dil / Unsplash
Above (Photo: Dil/Unsplash)

A symbol of opulence, there’s nothing grander than the grand staircase. Also known as bifurcated stairs, this staircase has the main stair that sweeps upwards and splits off into two smaller flights that continue in opposite directions. It brings to mind grand castles and the upper class, ball masqués and romantic nights dancing with mysterious strangers while dressed in sweeping gowns.


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