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These stunning staircase designs are worth the climb—they marry form and function beautifully

This article was first written on March 20, 2021 and updated on March 15, 2022.

Staircases can elevate various spaces—in more ways than one. Besides serving as a bridge from one part of the house to another, they’re also a show-stopping visual feature that can even act as a work of art in a multi-storey home.

Go full glamour with a Great Gatsby-esque gold staircase with art deco influences, or opt for a modern, sculptural statement that can become the centrepiece of a house. Ahead, some design inspiration ideas that make these staircases a step above the rest.

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1. A statement staircase that connects the basement to the rest of the home

This curvaceous eye candy designed by Ming Architects is certainly an attention grabber. Undoubtedly the centrepiece of the abode, the ribbon staircase is built with generous curving lines and a sculptural silhouette. Burmese teak steps contrast beautifully against the clean white structure.

The stairs connect the double-height basement space with the first and second storeys, and is also visible from the exterior through glass windows.

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2. A zigzag staircase that’s an architectural feat

The brainchild of Filipino architect Juan Carlo Calma, this contemporary family home in the Philippines is designed with the homeowners’ love for music. An abstract staircase runs through the three-storey structure, serving as an eye-catching architectural feat with a practical usage.

“The zigzagging lines that intersect in and around the house—specifically the staircase—have a brisk and lively quality to them,” explains Calma. “The layering of different materials such as teak wood, rose champagne metal, and oak veneers creates a symphony of floating lines that functions as railings, steps, and shelves for books and plants. It’s a habitable staircase rather than one that allows the owners to transition from one level to another.”  

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3. A staircase with floating steps

A handsome floating staircase that connects the lower floor to the upper level is a striking architectural statement in this Madrid home. Designed by Spanish architect Ramón Esteve, the cosy space took three years to complete. The polished steps are wrapped by frameless glass balustrades, which make the steps appear as if they are floating in mid-air.

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4. A curved staircase in a home with rounded edges

Nestled in a suburb in Kuala Lumpur, this unique home by Malaysia-based practice Keeyen Architect is designed with completely rounded corners. The three-storey abode is connected via a sleek spiral number. With wooden steps and a solid swirling black-and-white bannister, the northeast-facing sculptural staircase amps up the drama in the home. 

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5. A spiral staircase inspired by nature

This eco-conscious home in Singapore houses a spiral staircase that draws inspiration from the coils of a seashell. The homeowners, who are passionate about sustainability and nature, requested Singapore firm Ong&Ong to craft a staircase that takes cues from both the environment as well as Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. The result is a stunning sculptural centrepiece that’s one of the many architectural delights in the home.

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6. A curved staircase by the pool

This stunning spiral staircase, conceived by Ming Architects,  forms an eye-catching statement in this home. Situated at the intersection of the dining room and pool, the curvaceous feature cuts through the house’s transparent glass walls, drawing one’s eye to the idyllic view outside. 

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“The sculptural spiral staircase is meticulously inserted between the concrete walls as the main vertical circulatory element. It protrudes from the building not just as a design feature—it also maximises space for the family room on the second storey,” Tan Cher Ming, founder of Ming Architects, explains.

“It’s designed for the occupants to feel as if they are traversing outdoors and being very close to the greenery and water as they enter this circulation space.”

7. A modern staircase with shelves fitted underneath

Sleek and polished, this staircase is a stylish focal point in this penthouse designed by SuMisura. In designing the staircase, the local firm considered methods to ensure that every inch of the space is fully optimised. They installed illuminated shelves under the grand staircase, maximising the use of the area whilst adhering to the penthouse’s luxurious and sophisticated palette.

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8. A spiral staircase set against a pink wall

A custom-made, sculptural spiral staircase provides glamorous access to the upper level in this Sydney family home. Crafted by renowned Australian designer Greg Natale, the sinous lines of the curved stairwell presents an interesting visual statement that gently draws the eyes up. 

“The devil is in the details!” says Natale. “We are designers, so it’s our job to really consider every aspect of the interior, to layer a space, and to create atmosphere.”

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9. A glamorous staircase with golden screens

Designed by Meta Architecture, this two-and-a-half storey house is connected via a striking staircase that’s framed by a golden metal screen. The glided staircase screen adds visual interest without detracting from the cantilevered steps.

“Composed of vertical metal fins and horizontal metal plates that warp and weft like fabric, the champagne bronze-finished steel screen was designed as both structural support and sculptural object. The composition maximises the effect of light bouncing off the metal reflector plates while maximising structural stiffener pieces to maintain a sense of lightness,” says the firm’s founder and lead architect Adrian Lai.

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10. A stylish staircase with luminous steps

The illuminated staircase in this bungalow designed by DP Architects is a structural highlight that commands one’s attention instantaneously. Modern and warm, the textural space adds on to the home’s welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The steps comprises of Siena walnut-veneered timber over a structure of folding, 20mm-thick metal plates.

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