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Singapore's top chefs share their go-to spots to satisfy their roti prata cravings

Often paired with curry (or even sugar for some), prata is a comforting Indian dish enjoyed by many in Singapore. Crisp on the outside while fluffy inside, this well-loved bread makes for a flexible choice for breakfast, supper or even just a snack. 

While Singapore is home to many prata stalls across the island, there are some names that stand out among the rest. We ask our local culinary experts to reveal which places they visit to satisfy their prata cravings. 

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1. The Roti Prata house

Chef Han Liguang, chef-owner, Restaurant Labyrinth

"I have been patronising this eatery for its prata since I was a kid with my family as we used to stay around the Upper Thomson area.

Its prata is consistently crispy and does not come across as too dry on the surface. My favourite is the plaster prata—it has a nice buttery fragrance, and a consistent runny yolk when you slice it in half. The curry served with the prata is also thick and flavourful, unlike other places where its curries might be watered down."

The Roti Prata House | 246 M, Upper Thomson Road, S(574370) | 6459 5260

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2. Springleaf Prata Place

Chef Sam Chin, executive chef, Vue

"I don't eat prata often in Singapore, but one day, my friend had sudden cravings for prata and we ended up trying a few places. 

Prata here is very creative, using ingredients that are neither typical nor traditional—maybe that’s why it’s called fusion prata, combining western and Indian breakfast together." 

Springleaf Prata Place | 60 Yishun Ave 4, #01-07 S(769027) | 8408 5760

3. Sin Ming Roti Prata Place

Chef Sam Chin, executive chef, Vue

"I like the texture of its prata at Sin Ming Roti Prata Place—super crispy yet not oily. I also really enjoy their curry, especialy its tangy fish curry (it tastes like assam fish head curry)." 

Sin Ming Roti Prata Place | 24 Sin Ming Rd, #01-51, S(570024) | 6453 3893

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4. Indian Muslim Food, Hoe Lye F&B

Chef Michael Wilson, executive chef, Pollen

"I go to a local place down the road from my house on Rangoon Road, the centre is called Hoe Lye F&B but the stall is simply called Indian Muslim Food.  I found it while walking home from the train station when I first arrived in Singapore in January 2020. 

The dough is almost creamy in texture and they make it right in front of you. I like to watch this—they make it look so easy but it definitely isn’t. There is also a wide array of curries to choose from, but I usually like to have the dry lamb curry. Unlike most people, I don’t like my prata too wet, I like to feel the texture of the different layers of bread. You see a lot of people getting egg prata, but for me, it's plain prata all day, every day!"


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