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These inspired coffee flavours will take you on an aromatic journey to Buenos Aires, Tokyo or Vienna without leaving Singapore

We all miss exploring new destinations and if we could get some semblance of it in our daily lives, we’re all for it. For coffee lovers, you can travel to some of your favourite cities—be it Cape Town, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Stockholm, Vienna or Shanghai—with Nespresso’s Explorations Range.

Like the name implies, the new collection is themed around “travelling through a cup of coffee”, starting with the two new mild lungos—Shanghai Lungo and Buenos Aires Lungo. The aforementioned is a nod to China’s newly developed modern coffee scene as well as the rising Asian coffee culture, as reflected in this distinctive blend of Kenyan, Chinese and Indonesian Arabicas.

The second stop is Argentina, where the locals’ penchant for sweetness is showcased in the Buenos Aires lungo, comprising delicately-roasted Colombian Arabica with Ugandan Robusta for prominent cereal and sweet popcorn notes.

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Those with more adventurous palates may go for the more intense flavours such as the Tokyo Vivalto Lungo. Understanding how Japanese like their morning coffee to be richer and balanced with elegant aromas, this was concocted with Ethiopian and Mexican Arabicas for a complex floral cup with a slightly acidic finish.

Moving on to Vienna, Austria and you’ve got the Vienna Linizio Lungo, created using a medley of sweet Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas which are lightly roasted to mimic the taste of the traditionally smooth Viennese coffee. Stay in Europe a bit longer and sojourn to Stockholm with the Stockholm Fortissio Lungo. This recreates the aromatic profile of a classic sweet Swedish cuppa using Monsooned Malabar and Colombian Arabica.

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The trip ends in South Africa with the Cape Town Envivo Lungo. Sharing a preference for Asian coffees, the blend includes Indian Arabica and Robusta for a full-bodied profile layered with punchy bitter notes and woodsy aroma.

And in celebration of the new World Explorations Range, Nespresso has partnered with selected restaurants to create a menu inspired by six cities. These menus are available until April 18 and can be booked here.

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