Add more flavours to your feed with these tantalising food accounts

Instagram is jam-packed with accounts dedicated to food, recipes, and restaurant reviews—so much so that it can be difficult to know where to start looking for recommendations and who to even follow.

To help with that, we've come up with our own recommendations.

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1. @fatfoodbeast

Fat Food Beast's grid is incredibly satisfying to look at with its neatly-arranged flatlays and brightly-lit closeups. It covers an incredible range of food from kopitiam fare to the finest of omakase experiences. To add, every feed is accompanied by humorous but detailed captions. 

The story highlights are neatly divided into different areas in the Klang Valley for convenient viewing, ideal for a quick and easy search for the next meal to discover. At times, you'll also catch eats from around the world as the account creators begin to travel the globe again.

2. @tastydigs

Run by Kamilia Tahani, this account features a bunch of trendy eats, café food and interior shots of aesthetically-pleasing eateries in the city. 

Tahani also gives followers her personal recommendations as she lists what she orders and gives her honest opinion. A majority of her posts are KL-centric, but she brings followers along on her travels, most recently on a tour around Italy.

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3. @jun.and.tonic

Yi Jun Loh, who was recently named an Empowering Educator on The World's 50 Best's 50 Next 2022 list, is one of the most prolific and knowledgeable food writers here. Being a resident of popular food site Food52 and a graduate of Cambridge University, you can trust that Loh's takes on food will be comprehensive, reliable, and refreshingly honest. His Instagram is an incredibly satisfying archive of his own cooking, where he also shares his recipes.

Being a Malaysian-Chinese, you'll also find a bunch of Asian recipes and remixes, and he enjoys incorporating Asian flavours and techniques to make his dishes.

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4. @cookingwithmars

If you love experimenting with recipes at home, you're going to love Marisa Mokhzani's account, filled with her home cooking adventures. Mokhzani uses only the best ingredients to upgrade and refresh some of her favourite recipes. Each dish is posted with a video to make sure you're able to follow along and get the exact amounts of ingredients for your own attempts.

She takes inspiration from her extensive travels and uses her well-developed palate to come up with upgraded and hearty dishes, including her personal takes on her favourites from such restaurants as New York City's Magnolia Bakery and Hoppers in London. She also occasionally hosts pop-ups around the city, including one with Tatler Dining Awards' 2022 Most Innovative Concept winner, Small Shifting Space.

5. @cafeculturemy

For all the café hunters out there, @cafeculturemy is perfect. Instead of flatlays and shots of pastries, you'll find instead a grid filled with the facades and interiors of cafés from all over the country. From hidden gems to neighbourhood favourites, this account is a comprehensive guide to the hottest cafés to visit from Penang all the way to Johor Bahru. 

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6. @hungryfoodiekl

Hungry Foodie KL is a testament to what the vast Kuala Lumpur food landscape has to offer. Covering all corners of the city and its neighbouring areas, Hungry Foodie KL gives its followers complete reviews (emojis included) and detailed vlogs of its meals, including what was ordered, prices, and emoji star ratings so you know exactly what you're in for.

Besides food, it also covers other facets of leisure throughout the city, including staycations so you can extend your foodie adventurese overnight in one of KL's lively pockets. 

7. @trishates

Trisha Toh's Instagram feed is truly a feast for the eyes. Being a food stylist and art director, Toh knows what makes or breaks a dish and her account is a direct reflection of that. We at Tatler Dining love her work—so much so that we enlisted her skills to style our shoots for our Tatler Dining Guide magazines!

Aside from the Tatler Dining Guide, she's also styled for other mainstays in the food and hospitality industry, from Huckleberry to Marriott Bonvoy. As far as a Tatler-approved food Instagram goes, @trishates is definitely one of the frontrunners. 

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8. @fatboybakes

Run by Cheng Yi, who also owns a home bakery that goes by the same name, @fatboybakes is a great resource to have on your Instagram if you're looking for the best local eats. His feed is full of local delights like curry mee and claypot loh shi fun (mouse tail-shaped rice noodles), with a few other finer eats and his bakes sprinkled here and there. 

On each post, he also appends a lengthy, descriptive, and humorous caption to go along with his photographs, giving you a full run-down of his dining experiences and highlights of the meal. 

9. @thekampungvegan

Malaysian vegans rejoice! Elliz Azhar's account takes you on a vegan gastronomical journey through Malaysia with her veganised recipes of local favourites, from assam laksa to taufu bergedil. Her feed is colourful and sinfully appetising. She eases your cravings by providing recipe videos to cook along with so you can have a taste of her creations yourself and not just scroll in envy. 

Our local cuisine can be notoriously hard to replicate for the vegan diet and Azhar aims to make it just a little bit more accessible with her recipes. 

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10. @davinadavegan

Yet another vegan recipe account to add to your follows is Davina Goh's collection of plant-based creations. Goh takes Asian favourites and spins them into vegan delights, while keeping their authenticity and essences. You'll not only find Malaysian staples but also food from other countries all over the world, including the Egyptian Koshari and South Korean jeon or savoury pancakes. 

Her colourful and tempting feed might just turn even the most passionate of meat-eaters on to a more plant-based diet!

11. @sabaheats

Sabah's food scene is uniquely diverse with its ethnic cuisine, international diasporas and local Malaysian cuisine blending together to make it what it is today and Joanne Lee, the foodie behind this account, does a great job at capturing it on her Instagram account. 

On Sabah Eats, you'll find all the best that Sabah has to offer from Tuaran mee and Tenom mee to Vietnamese pho and banana leaf rice. 

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12. @foodjournalist

As its name suggests, @foodjournalist documents and gathers pictures and information all related to food and luckily for Malaysians, almost all of its posts are on local offerings! On this account, you'll find good coffee, well-designed eateries, and mouth-watering food and cocktails, all beautifully captured and assessed in the caption.

There is a little bit of everything on this feed, so you're sure to find something you're craving while perusing it. 

13. @wombatbites

Though it is named after the Australian marsupial, you can rest assured that all the tantalising dishes that you see on its feed are local. Based in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, @wombatbites covers meals both sweet and savoury in the Pearl of the Orient and the Malaysian capital. 

Its well-lit photos and descriptive captions do nothing to curb your hunger but help tons with deciding where and what to eat. 

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14. @katfewd

Now, we move on to our very own writers. We start off with none other than senior writer of Tatler Dining, Katelyn Tan. On the page, you'll find easy-to-follow recipes for quick and delicious meals covering breakfast foods all the way to dinner feasts. Her recipe videos are deeply satisfying with ASMR-like audio and quick clips of each step, so even if cooking isn't your thing, a scroll through her account is sure to get you begging your friends and family to whip up a storm with two or three of her recipes.

Don't miss her Chicken Pesto Sandwich recipe reel too, which garnered over four million views. Followers will also get a peek at upcoming Tatler Dining content and our tasting experiences all over the city!

15. @feedingamanda

Tatler Dining writer Amanda Fung is behind this account, where she posts all her meals from her mom's home-cooked feasts and ugly, delicious foods, to omakase and other fine dining experiences. You'll also get a glimpse of what Tatler Dining is up to on her stories!

Her captions include descriptions of the dishes as well as the highlights of each meal so that you know what to order should you pay one of these venues a visit. 


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