Skip your regular fast-food pizza chains—here are some of the best places to head to for an indulgent slice of gourmet pizza

This story was first published on April 20, 2022, and updated on October 13, 2022. 

Fluffy dough, umami-filled tomato sauce, and creamy cheese—pizza is a classic comfort food adored throughout the globe, even in Singapore. That said, it's no surprise that the island is home to a myriad of pizza joints. Whether you prefer New York- or Neapolitan-style, this treat can be found in all shapes and sizes. So, the next time a pizza craving hits, why not ditch your regular fast-food pizza chain and savour a slice at these gourmet pizza spots instead? Here are eight you knead to try. 

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1. Fiamma

You can't stop by this Italian restaurant without giving its pizzas a try. Here, its mouth-watering pies are made with homemade pizza dough that has been kneaded and fermented, giving it a soft and chewy texture. It’s then topped with fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven for a gorgeously crisp and crackly crust. The Tartufo is a crowd favourite, an indulgent pie generously layered with smoked scarmorza cream and Tuscan salami. Each slice is enhanced with earthy black truffle shavings. Book here

Fiamma, 1 The Knolls, Capella Singapore, S(098297), +65 6591 5046

2. Blue Label Pizza & Wine

This neighbourhood pizzeria is loved for its inventive pies. Here, slices are made with long-ferment dough and stone-fired to achieve a flavourful and chewy crust. Expect mouth-watering slices, including the Wish I Was a Baller, a meat-filled pizza layered with juicy sliced steak, French mustard bechamel, roasted onions, mushrooms and provolone; and The White Label, a white-based pie topped with bechamel, boursin, goat cheese, garlic, leeks and fried rosemary. Book here

Blue Label Pizza & Wine, 28 Ann Siang Road, B1-01, S(069708), +65 9821 9362

3. Extra Virgin Pizza

You can never go wrong with a slice of Neapolitan pie at Extra Virgin Pizza. At this pizzeria, its pies are light and fluffy, thanks to the use of caputa nuvola flour. Delight in mouthwatering slices like the Peace Be Ragu, an elevated take on the classic American meat lovers pie, this slice features beef ragu that has been slow-cooked until fork tender. if you’re a fan of pineapple on pizza, its Aloha’m is complete with smoked tomatoes, juicy slow cooked pineapples, and prosciutto cotto. Book here

Extra Virgin Pizza, 8 Marina View 01-04 Asia Square Tower 1, S(018960), +65 8299 4219

4. Milano Pizza & Wine

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At Milano, the neo-Neapolitan pies are made with a 24-hour naturally fermented sourdough and baked in a stone-fired pizza oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a wonderfully charred crust that is airy and chewy, with a hint of tanginess. Try the potato and caviar pizza, made with its signature dough base and dressed in taleggio cheese, scalloped potatoes and dollops of caviar.
Other than neo-Neapolitan pies, Milano also offers Sicilian grandma pizzas. These two-inch deep pies are made with sourdough that are folded and rested every two hours for 24 hours before they are baked in the oven. This process gives each pie a light and airy base and a ‘honeycombed’ crumb centre. Go for the mortadella and burrata pizza topped with slices of stracciatella, mortadella, and pistachio pesto. Book here.

Milano Pizza & Wine, 10 Craig Road, S(089670), +65 8920 4100

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5. Wild Child Pizzette

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Visit Wild Child Pizzette for Neapolitan-style pizza, perfect for one. Each pie goes through a 60-hour double fermentation process to create a chewy and crisp Naples-style base. It is topped with tomato sauce, cheese and meat, then baked in a wood-fired oven. Fans of classic flavours can go for the Bella, crowned with heirloom baby cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, parma hand and stracciatella cheese. For a different take on your classic margherita, the version here comes with a fried pizza dough heaped with creamy stracciatella, semi dried tomatoes and basil. Book here.

Wild Child Pizzette, 50 Circular Road, S(049405), +65 6970 6592

6. Amò

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While Amò serves up a wide array of classic Italian fare, its pizzas take centre stage. All pies go through a slow dough fermentation process for a light crust, and baked in an Italian wood-fried oven for a blistery charred finish. A must-try is its signature pizza slathered with creamy pumpkin sauce and decorated with pancetta, spicy broccolini, and smoked mozzarella. Book here.

Amò, 33 Hongkong Street, S(059672), +65 6723 7733

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7. Lino

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You can't go wrong with a slice of pizza at Lino. Helmed by head chef Joe Ong, its pizza doughs are hand rolled and proofed for 48 hours, before it is baked in the wood-fired oven for a light and airy base. Its burrata pizza is a crowd favourite, and comes with a flavourful tomato passata and marinated cherry tomatoes. It is then crowned with a mound of creamy burrata and rich basil pesto. Book here.

Lino (multiple locations), 7 Binjai Park, S(589821), +65 9738 0891

8. Roberta’s Pizza

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This famed New York City pizzeria is the latest kid on the block, serving up wood-fired Neapolitan-style pies. Its signature pizzas are made with the joint’s natural 15-year-old starter, which results in a chewy crust. For something hearty, look no further than the Bee Sting, a tomato-based pie loaded with mozzarella, calabrese salami, basil and chili. It is finished with a drizzle of honey, adding a sweet kick to each bite. Book here.

Roberta's Pizza, 2 Bayfront Avenue, B1-45, S(018972)

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