The pizza-focused concept of chef co-owner Lim Yew Aun and restaurateur Liling Ong defies all conventions of traditional Neapolitan pizza

“We’ll open a pizzeria... when we’re ready,” was the promise made by restaurateur Liling Ong to Chef Lim Yew Aun in 2013. After years of working in law, management consulting and venture capital funding, Ong had decided to follow her heart into the world of food. As it turns out, the 35-year-old found the perfect business partner in her cousin Lim Yew Aun, who grew up well-versed in the culinary arts.

Set on this ambitious goal, the pair of like-minded culinary enthusiasts embarked on a project to bring their favourite Italian cuisine to the shores of Singapore, thus resulting in the birth of The Cicheti Group. In 2013, the group’s debut came to life in the form of Cicheti, a rustic-chic trattoria that serves regional specialities and wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas. Today, it also owns Bar Cicheti and Caffe Cicheti.

Despite all these accomplishments, however, the desire to open their very own pizzeri remained faithfully stored in the back of their minds. Almost a decade later, that dream became a reality when the duo’s fourth outlet, Wild Child Pizzette, flung open its doors with resounding triumph. 

Centred around Neapolitan-style pizzette, Wild Child compresses the tasty goodness of a standard-sized pizza into a snug 10-inches that is catered for solo diners or groups who enjoy gracing their table with variety. The menu offers a rich spread, but whichever selection you lean towards will result in satisfaction and delight. Each pizzetta is baked on a slow-fermented, Neapolitan-style crust that starts with a traditional Italian pre-yeast Biga and undergoes two stages of fermentation that take no less than 60 hours.

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The last nine years of perfecting Cicheti have culminated into a revolutionary dough making philosophy, resulting in unique flavours sealed into heavenly crust with wood-fire techniques. Bite into an irresistibly moist crust, with a light and airy texture that toes the line between chewy and crisp.

Choosing to adopt a more modern flavour profile while staying true to authentic Italian roots, the menu is a playful combination of tradition and innovation. Conventional offerings retain the beloved flavours like Margherita D.O.P., which offers the holy grail of tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, grana padano and extra virgin olive oil, while brazen deviations include creations like the crispy fried margherita, which unabashedly dunks the pizza dough into a deep fryer before topping it with creamy clouds of stracciatella, sweet bursts of semi-dried San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil and thick shavings of aged parmigiana.

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Top sommelier Ronald Kamiyama’s handcrafted beverage programme favours a “natural” selection, turning towards producers boasting organic, biodynamic, and sustainable practices. Keeping in line with the theme of all things “wild”, Kamiyama has chosen to do away with your run-of-the-mill wine list and go off-the-book.

The vague by-the-glass menu prompts drinkers to take a leap of faith with names such as Bubbly, Macerated (rosé or orange), White (light and citrus or round and fruity), and Red (light and fresh or round and fruity). A listed bottle selection, La Enoteca, is also available, introducing rare pours such as Italy’s lesser-known Native varietals to the country’s Famous Bordeaux’s and Barolo’s, helping diners pick out the ideal accompaniment to their chosen pizza.

Wild Child Pizzette | 50 Circular Rd, S(049405) | 6970 6592


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