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The travelling wine bar takes over the Common Man Stan’s café space come evenings

Travelling natural wine bar Drunken Farmer is no longer a nomad as it has found a permanent home at Common Man Stan’s CBD outlet in Stanley Street. It takes over the café from Tuesdays to Saturdays (6pm to 10.30pm), transforming the space into a wine bar and bistro that champions terroir and takes guests back on the natural and healthier way of making food and wine.

“We created Drunken Farmer to better the way people drink and today,” explains Spa Esprit Group founder and chairman Cynthia Chua, adding that its new home is where her team continues to spread the “gospel of gut-pleasing grapes and grains through a top notch menu that is full of personality and unadulterated flavours”.

The kitchen is helmed by chef de cuisine Paul Albert, who serves up a sourdough-focused menu where dishes are made from scratch using ingredients sourced close to home where possible.

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You will taste it right from the start when you’re served the Sourdough “Couvert”, a basket full of naturally leavened sourdough loaves made with a 159-year-old starter, and served with artisanal butter, homemade pickles and smoked Maldon salt. In line with Albert’s minimal wastage culinary philosophy, he has created the Sourdough Karaage, which is essentially plump chicken thighs marinated in a tangy batter made using sourdough discard, deep-fried to a crisp finish, and served with house-fermented kimchi mayonnaise.

These dishes are complemented by natural wine expert Eduardo Bayo’s comprehensive list of over 80 natural, organic, biodynamic and sustainably farmed pours, sourced directly from winemakers all over the world. Standout labels include Lise et Bertrand Jousset’s ’Vilain P'tit Ch'nin, a refreshing chenin blanc from Loire Valley which is harvested from vines grown without herbicides or pesticides.

Drunken Farmer | 11 Stanley Street, S(068730) | 8312 5427

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