Cover Royal Selangor's mixology starter kits include new cocktail recipes

Royal Selangor's new cocktail sets incorporate new recipes from four mixologists from around the world

There’s more to being a mixologist than having a love for cocktails. It’s a role that’s part bartender, part chemist, and part magician, requiring an immense amount of creativity, patience and knowledge of spirits and ingredients.

Perfecting the art of mixology can take years. But if you have neither the time nor the patience, you can play mixologist at home with Royal Selangor's two new starter kits in collaboration with four mixologists around the world. Each has contributed two special cocktail recipes based on Malaysian or Asian ingredients, which you can create in your home bar with the new drinkware.

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The mixologists include Malaysia's very own CK Kho of Pahit and Coley, both of which made it to Asia’s Best Bars' Inaugural 51–100 List  this year. The rest are Australian Dean Buchanan, voted 2018 Western Australian Bartender of The Year; Jack Jamieson from the UK; and Natasha Mesa, who helms one of Portland's most exciting bars, Bit House Collective. 

The cocktails are:

CK Kho: Bagan Sour and Julep Torch

Dean Buchanan: Market Hardshake and Ristretto Negroni

Jack Jamieson: Miso Chai Manhattan and Sarawak Strawberry Margherita

Natasha Mesa: Nasi Lemak Daiquiri and Pandan Old Fashioned

Feeling thirsty? Curious about the concoctions? The recipes are included in an exclusive book about mixology that comes with the kits.

Cocktail Kit 1 comes with the Bar’s Hexagon Whisky Tumbler Pair, Hexagon Muddler, Hexagon Bar Measure, Hexagon Bottle Opener and V&A William Morris’ Foil Cutter. It is priced at RM880.00.

Cocktail Kit 2 contains Bar’s Hexagon Cocktail Shaker, Hexagon Whisky Tumbler Pair, Diamond Martini Glass Pair, Hexagon Muddler, Hexagon Bar Measure, Hexagon Bottle Opener and V&A William Morris’Foil Cutter. It is priced at RM1,450.00.

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