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After a long day of back-and-forth emails and Zoom meetings, unwind with these cocktails

Korean Yogurt Soju

With KBBQs and Kimchi-jjigaes becoming part of regular weekend dinners, it isn’t surprising to find a bottle of Soju sitting somewhere in your fridge. Instead of gan bei-ing the Soju the next time you have your friends over, how about turning it into a refreshing cocktail instead?

Try this simple recipe from the Spruce Eats for Korean Yogurt Soju that takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. Be warned however; this drink is so easy to drink, you might not stay sober for long.

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Domo Arigato

Mezcal has been on the rise for a while now and if you have yet to taste this distant relative of Tequila hailing from Mexico, there is no time like the present. Depending on what type of Mezcal you use, your might end up with either smoky, herbaceous or even floral notes in your cocktail. 

Check out this recipe from Serious Eats for a fantastic drink made with ingredients you are sure to find in any Asian household: ginger, lime and sesame oil. Although it may seem strange to some, the sesame oil adds a hint of umami-richness that compliments the tangy ginger, giving you a balanced drink. 

Espresso Martini

This booze and coffee concoction is arguably one of the most well-known cocktails to appear in the '90s. Cocktail legend has it that this drink was born when a young future supermodel asked famous British bartender Dick Bradsell for a pick-me-up cocktail. The caffeine is attenuated by the alcohol in the vodka, making it a great way to enjoy a cup of joe after your evening meal without having to sacrifice those hours of beauty sleep. 

The drink calls for an espresso shot, so if you don’t have an espresso machine handy try using a shot of cold brew concentrate instead. Give this drink a go with this recipe from 

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Jungle Bird

Created in the '70s as a welcome drink in the former Hilton Kuala Lumpur by renowned mixologist Jeffrey Ong, the Jungle Bird has become something of a national cocktail in Malaysia. The bar the hotel was called Aviary and the cocktail was originally served in bird-shaped porcelain vessel, hence the name Jungle Bird. 

This drink showcases some of the best Malaysian produce, pineapple and lime. To make the drink really outstanding, make your own fresh pineapple and lime juice. It’ll take a little more patience but makes a world of a difference. Get started with this recipe from

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14 Hours Ahead

Don’t let the name deceive you—this drink is simpler to make that you think, so you won’t have to make it 14 hours in advance. This drinks sees the use of citrus to enhance the strong flavors of matcha, along with honey and cream which adds richness to the texture.

From matcha cheesecakes and croissants to matcha noodles, we’ve seen this much loved oriental ingredient incorporated into just about anything. It’s no surprise then that matcha has seeped into the cocktail scene. Perfect for day-drinking, replace your afternoon coffee or matcha with this cocktail from instead.

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