Get a real taste of Mediterranean cuisine at this new restaurant by chef Otto Weibel, Singapore’s doyen of Western food and beverage

The Mediterranean—which is at the junction of Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East—is truly a magical place. Its majestic landscape, pristine blue waters and diverse culture have paved the way for a distinct cuisine crafted with the season’s best local produce.

Its delectable cuisine has attracted many gourmands from across the world, one of whom is 75-year-old chef Otto Weibel, Singapore’s doyenne of Western food and beverage. His first visit to the region was in his teens, and this was followed by many more gastronomic journeys during his professional career to further understand its rich culture and food. His learnings and discoveries form the backbone of White Marble restaurant—his paean to the Mediterranean cuisine.

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The restaurant has taken over the spot previously occupied by Modesto’s at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel. And, in keeping with the White Marble name, the 3,000 sqft space (divided into a dining hall, outdoor terrace and bar) is swathed in hues of white and grey and accented with luxurious finishes such as mother of pearl mosaic.

The menu focuses on popular dishes from the Middle East, Southern Europe and North Africa—naturally, these are made with fresh produce and vegetables, herbs, grains and spices. Executive chef Kenneth Loke, who is Weibel’s protégé, leads the young kitchen team and dishes out an extensive selection of mezzes, salads, proteins and grilled items. Below, we share five dishes worth trying.

1. Fattouche

There is no better way to whet the appetite than with a serving of this classic Levantine crunchy salad. The delicious and healthy bowl of mixed greens and vegetables is tossed with pomegranate syrup, pomegranate seeds and croutons instead of the traditional khubz (Arabic flatbread) for extra crunch. It is then brightened by a generous dousing of lemon dressing and a light dusting of tart and lemony sumac powder.

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2. Octopus

The Mediterranean is home to some of the best seafood in the world, as you will taste in this delightful octopus appetiser. The tender flesh of the mollusc is first boiled in a mix of ginger, garlic, coriander, spring onion and onions for 45 minutes to infuse all the flavours; seasoned with salt and grilled; then pan-fried to give it a good char. The tender and succulent meat is served with garlic cream, crisp potato strips and crushed pistachio. The dish is finished with a good drizzle of chilli oil.   

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3. Prawn Bucatini Puttanesca

In the mood for pasta? Satiate your cravings with the prawn bucatini puttanesca. It is worth all the calories, as the bucatini is boiled until al dente and mingled in a sweet and salty puttanesca sauce made by sauteeing prawns with garlic, cherry tomatoes, capers, green olives and kalamata olives. Before it is served to the table, it is crowned with Spanish anchovies and fresh herbs, and showered with olive oil.

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4. Chicken Leg Bone-in Tagine

This hearty dish is made for sharing. What you get is a generous serving of chicken legs marinated in shawarma for one day and grilled to deepen the flavours. The chicken legs are then bathed in a rich tomato sauce studded with preserved lemon, dates, olive and capers, and further cooked in a tagine until the meat is fork tender. Best had with a side order of pilaf rice. 

5. Crèma Catalana

Desserts are the best way to end the meal at White Marble, and a popular favourite is the crèma Catalana. This delicious olive oil cake is topped with sliced figs and baked until soft and pillowy. Served with almond crumble and yoghurt ice cream.

White Marble Singapore, 1 Tanglin Road, 01-09, S(247905), 9772 9434

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