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Falling on the 21st of September, the Mid-Autumn Festival is right around the corner. Take part in the age-old tradition with these deliciously rich mooncakes for a truly prosperous celebration!

Grounded in an age-old Chinese ceremony, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a beautiful holiday that invites us to reflect on all that we’re thankful for and share this gratitude with those around us. Beyond lighting paper lanterns, and sipping on exquisite tea by moonlight, sharing mooncakes is another key component of the celebration. The delicious practice unites family and friends over these dainty, rich pastries, strengthening our bonds while attracting further prosperity through thanksgiving.

In a time where a sense of normalcy is hard to come by, these rituals and traditions become especially meaningful. Send your loved ones some of these indulgent mooncakes to share your thanks and celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Lung Hin

Lung Hin’s premium mooncakes come in four decadent flavours: red bean with double egg yolks, red lotus with double egg yolks, white lotus with double egg yolks, and mixed nuts. Pick up one, four, or six of their first-class pastries, or avail of their limited-edition boxes for a truly thoughtful present.

To order, contact +6327 720 7777 or email

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Delight your friends and family with these delectable mooncakes from Jasmine, which come in sets of four encased in a charming dim sum basket. Pick from their selection of red bean with double yolk, red lotus with double yolk, white lotus with double yolk, and five kernel mooncakes.

To order, contact +632 811 6888 ext. 3679 or +63917 888 4194.

Tatler Asia
Jasmine (New World) handcrafted mooncakes
Above Photo: New World Makati Hotel
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Hua Yuan

An ode to the classics, Hua Yuan’s take on the pastries are sure to delight with three infallible options: red bean paste with single egg yolk, white lotus with single egg yolk, and mixed nuts; available in boxes of two or four.

To order, contact +63 27239 7788, +63917 826 6442, or send them a message here.

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Hilton Manila Mooncake
Above Photo: Hilton Manila
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Manila Marriott

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Sheraton Mooncakes
Above Photo: Manila Marriott Hotel

Though its soft, golden-brown skin may lead you to believe these are the typical mooncakes, its centres are anything but. Each of Manila Marriott's mooncakes presents a decadent salted duck egg, enveloped in one of four special fillings: Wu Ren Yue Bing (nuts, seeds, and Jin Huan ham), coconut, red lotus paste, or white lotus paste. Order four or six of these pastries and accompany the set with Chinese tea, a bottle of wine, Man Ho’s signature candied walnuts, or even some whisky.

To order, contact +63917 6245980.

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The Peninsula Manila

The Peninsula brand is renowned for many things: memorable service, quality accommodation, and of course, delicious food. Since 1986, the Michelin-starred Spring Moon restaurant at The Peninsula Hong Kong has produced its refined take on the elegant mooncakes - a treat that has grown to be highly sought-after throughout the country. This year, The Peninsula Manila has also flown in some of their iconic mini egg custard pastries, available in sets of four or eight.

To order, contact +63917 557 8014, email, or send them a message here

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Manila Hotel

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Manila Hotel Mooncakes
Above Photo: Manila Hotel

The time-tested institution Manila Hotel offers two classic and two special mooncake varieties: red bean paste with single yolk, white lotus paste with single yolk, red dates paste, and taro paste. Order them individually or as a box of four to part in the ancient tradition with this historical hotel.

To order, contact +6328 527 0011 or +63998 950 1912, or place your orders directly here

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Edsa Shangri-La

Tatler Asia
Edsa Shangri-La, Manila's Summer Palace Mooncakes
Above Photo: Edsa Shangri-La

With both traditional and unconventional flavours, the signature baked mooncakes from Summer Palace will certainly astonish your lucky recipients. Apart from the prized white lotus mooncake with salted egg, this year’s mooncake collection also includes red bean, mixed nuts, durian, green tea, and black sesame variants in miniature and regular-sized cakes. 

To order, contact +6328 633 8888, email, or place your orders directly here

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Xin Tian Di

Xin Tian Di’s traditional mooncakes come in three conventional flavours: lotus cream paste, red bean, and the extra decadent two-egg yolk in lotus cream paste. Looking for an option that's light yet flavourful? Try out their snow skin variants: delicate and dainty, these beautiful cakes have an addicting chewy exterior, made with a mochi-like wrapper that’s healthier than the traditional dough. These elegant pastries come in pink with a custard cream filling, and green with a red bean filling.

To order, contact +63998 840 2141 or +63928 595 5972, or email

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Peking Garden

When one thinks of mooncakes, the Hong Kong MX Mooncakes brand immediately comes to mind. Thanks to Peking Garden, the internationally beloved pastries are now available in the Philippines. Indulge in the brand’s celebrated pastries like the white lotus seed paste with two egg yolks variant, the lava custard variety, and their newest addition to the collection: the MX lace lotus paste mooncakes.

To order, contact Peking Garden at +6327 955 1728, +6327 955 1808, or +63966 625 0722; or contact Jade Garden at +6327 955 1728, +6327 955 1808, or +63956 459 1663

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China Blue by Jereme Leung

For a stylish surprise, gift your loved ones premium mooncakes from China Blue by Jereme Leung, which come packed in artful bags designed by local fashion designer Zarah Juan. In addition to the classic mooncake flavours, they’ve introduced a stunning new variant: the black charcoal mooncake with edible gold finishing, filled with smooth pandan paste and a luscious taro centre.

To order, contact +6328 833 9999, +63917 650 4043, or email

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Tatler Asia
Solaire Mid-Autumn Festival
Above Photo: Solaire Resort & Casino

In addition to the classic baked mooncakes and the modern snow skin variants, Solaire also offers the Teochew-style pastries: a unique mooncake variety with a spiral appearance and a crispy crust. Try out their one-of-a-kind taro or ube Teochew mooncakes, or revisit familiar favourites with their traditional red bean or silken white lotus mooncakes. If you’re looking for something sweeter, check out their chocolate snow skin mooncakes - they come in five creative flavours, including a mango-chocolate and a lotus and whiskey-chocolate creation.

To order, contact +6328 888 8888 or email

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Kee Wah Bakery

If you're looking for unforgettably unique mooncake creations, look no further than Kee Wah Bakery. Their special selection of the traditional pastry uses only high-quality ingredients, so each bite is guaranteed to be truly decadent. Beyond infallible flavours like lotus seed paste and red bean, Kee Wah also offers earl grey tea and egg custard, fruit yoghurt custard with strawberry and orange peel, and other innovative takes on the beloved mooncake - plus, they even have low-calorie versions of the treat.

To order, visit their website at

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Shangri-La The Fort

Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern iterations of the treat, the mooncake collection from Shangri-La The Fort will certainly fit the bill. Select from the white lotus and salted egg yolk, red bean and pine nuts, and mixed nuts flavours for classic creations, or explore modern flavours like the black sesame with salted egg yolk, matcha, and pineapple. Each cake is made with all-natural and low-sugar ingredients, and they also offer impressive hampers with tea, cookies, chocolate truffles, wine or cognac, and more.

To order, contact +63917 536 3287 or email

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