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For the next instalment of the Mandala Masters, which runs from August 5 to October 30, the power couple will be serving up the flavours of Peru in their degustation menus

Since the Mandala Club debuted its Mandala Masters culinary residency last year, gourmands were treated to the delectable menus of celebrated international chefs like Mauro Colagreco (Mirazur) and Gaggan Anand (Gaggan), which were served for a limited period only.

For its third instalment, the private members’ club has invited Peruvian chefs Virgilio Martinez and his chef-wife, Pia León, to take us through a gastronomic journey of Peru with their Meters Above Sea Level (MASL) menus. Martinez and León are two of Latin America’s best chefs. They are the brains behind Central (No.4 in the World's Best Restaurants 2021 list, and No. 1 on the Greatest Latin America’s Best Restaurant ranking from 2013 to 2021), Kjolle and Mil; the latter is located 4,000 meters above sea level in the Peruvian Andes.  

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Their culinary residency will run from August 5 to October 30 at Art Restaurant, located at National Gallery Singapore. It’s the first time the pop-up restaurant will be held outside of Mandala Club.

In creating the exclusive multi-course menus, the power couple took inspiration from Peru’s unique biodiversity. Due to its unique geography—it consists of rugged mountains, coastal plains and rainforests—the country is a treasure trove of ingredients spanning 3,000 varieties of corn, 5,000 types of potatoes, and an array of chillies, tomatoes and seafood. Furthermore, it is home to 30 of the 32 world climates, which is why the chefs decided to take diners on a culinary journey across Peru’s different altitudes.

As Martinez explains: “The idea of going up and down helps us look attentively where products originate and from whose hands. Only then can we use this knowledge in a way that educates and surprises our guests.”

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The 11-course degustation menu and an eight-course lunch menu explore all four corners of the country with their choice of ingredients. You have selections of squid, caviar and abalone sourced below sea level; Amazonian nut, squash and cabuya found 185 masl; and corn, kiwicha (amaranth) and cancha harvested 3,550 masl. The menu peaks at 3,850 masl with a showcase of native tuber, clay and high-altitude leaves.

Complementing the menus is a Latin American-inspired cocktail menu curated by Peruvian head bartender Alonso Palomino.

This is the first time the celebrated Peruvian chefs are working together on a project like this outside their home country. “People are looking for experiences that surprise but also transcend,” shares Léon, and they will be presenting a new and multifaceted culinary experience with a cohesive and meaningful story.

MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) will run from August 5 to October 30 (Tuesday to Sunday, with limited seats per seating. Click here for more information.

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