Turn up the heat with these fire-packed foods that will leave your tongue tingling for more

It is always scorching in Singapore—both in terms of weather and the variety of spicy food that is available for the adventurous eaters. Think that McSpicy burger has no kick, or that bowl of mala is merely child’s play? Then it is time to turn up the heat, quite literally, and climb the Scoville scale with your meal. Head on down to these fiery eateries that serve up tongue-numbing and sweat-inducing dishes, from sauce-laced fried chicken to bubbling steamboat, and put your tastebuds to the challenge. Good luck—you’ll need it.

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Lagnaa Barefoot Dining

Lagnaa Barefoot Dining has a long-standing position in many foodie lists. The Bib Gourmand-listed eatery is best known for its spice-scented Indian cuisine—and the infamous chilli challenge. Build up your tolerance with level 3, or order the level 6 off the menu. Clearing that will earn you the chance to return and tackle its spiciest creation: the level 10 We Declare You ‘Dead’ King.
Rumour has it that no one has managed to conquer this fiery curry; gobble it down in a single sitting and you’ll earn serious street cred and a spot on the winners’ list. Need some practice? Consider the friendlier curry shot, which gives you a sampling of the various spice levels beforehand. Book here

Lagnaa Barefoot Dining, 6 Upper Dickson Road, S(207466), +65 6296 1215

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How spicy can the food actually get at an American diner? As it turns out, crazily so. OverEasy serves up spicy buffalo wings that are available in three different spice levels: Wimp, for the faint-hearted; Hot Stuff which brings the heat up a notch; and the ultimate Crazy Mofo—with enough firepower to leave the lips burning throughout the meal. Resist the urge to lick your fingers after you’re done chomping down on these crispy snacks—and it’d be wise to have some of its classic vanilla or Oreo milkshakes on hand to cool things off. Book here

Overeasy, 1 Fullerton Road, 01-06 One Fullerton, S(049213), +65 9129 8484

Uncle Fong Hotpot Restaurant

Chongqing hotpot is known to be one of the spiciest, most tongue-numbing variants in the world. Slicked with spice, the bubbling soup is typically boiled with beef tallow to yield a fragrant (but fiery) base for dipping and cooking. And the communal element of steamboats make this a perfect dish to share among your spice-loving friends; at Uncle Fong, this Sichuan delicacy is made using a blend of Chongqing chillies, Sichuan peppers and bean paste, Yunnan ginger, as well as refined beef tallow—and presented in a nine-grid pot.
Before you go scooping up a mouthful to drink, know that this strongly flavoured soup is not for sipping. Instead, dunk and cook slivers of meat or pieces of offal to coat them in the piquant liquid. Word of caution: the signature base here is so spicy that the restaurant even provides a serving of sweet soup for diners to line and protect their gut, before the devilishly hot meal starts. Book here

Uncle Fong Hot Pot Restaurant, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, B1-108/109, S(237994), +65 6232 7800

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Papa Ayam

Papa Ayam takes its sambal really seriously. The condiment is made by crushing chillies with a mortar and pestle, and the chunky, red-hued sauce then gets paired and drizzled over crispy fried chicken to create its signature ayam geprek, a fusion dish that combines smashed, fried chicken with Indonesian-style fresh chilli. The original version features a housemade garlic-scented sauce available in levels one to 15—a wide range for those looking to test their tolerance. And luckily, the meal also comes with a side of rice to help temper the scorching heat.
For those that aren’t looking to burn the roof of their mouth, the chilli specialist also creates other sambal variants to pair with its fried chicken: cabe ijo features a milder, almost refreshing green chilli sauce; while sambal matah is made using an aromatic mix of onion, lemongrass, chilli paid. Order here

Papa Ayam (multiple outlets), 313 Orchard Road, B3-49, S(238895), +65 8698 3921

Chix Hot Chicken

Nashville-style fried chicken gets a flaming hot upgrade. Here, aromatic Southern spice rub gets combined with some of the world’s hottest peppers to create varying levels of spice. The popular hot wings, for instance, can come either dusted in dry seasoning, or drenched in chilli sauce—all of which are available as Mild, Medium, or Hot. But those itching for a challenge can try the Insane-level heat, or the Atomic version that even comes with its own warning: “Eat at your own risk!” Definitely not for the faint-hearted.
There are other vehicles to sample Chic Hot Chicken’s fire-packed range of chilli sauces as well. Sandwiches can come loaded with a piece of juicy fried chicken thigh, then slathered in buffalo sauce, yuzu sauce, or a housemade pink sauce—all of which also come with the option to customise their heat level. Order here

Chix Hot Chicken, 1 Jalan Pisang, S(199069), +65 8893 7031

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