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Keep these condiments handy in the pantry for when you need to elevate a meal

If you're looking for something other than butter and hoisin sauce to enhance the flavours of your cooking, artisan up and start exploring these condiments.

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1. Dips N Goods

Like its name suggests, Dip N Goods serves up irresistible dips to complement your favourite snacks. This bespoke kitchen churns out these condiments in small batches, and they contain only natural preservatives—lemon, garlic, sea salt, cayenne, vinegar, and sugar. Perfect as a Netflix companion, its dips, ranging from simple chilli to basil cashew, also pair really well with comfort food like fried noodles. It also has gluten-free and vegan options.


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2. Buttery Ipoh

Cempedak butter as well as charcoal-grilled corn and scallion butter are the new favourites to try. The former is known as the queen of fruits while latter is reminiscent of the classic corn in a cup. It flavour options are expanding but you really can't go wrong with its classic herb, seaweed and ulam. Available for delivery only in Ipoh.


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3. Sauce Lab

Sauce Lab's handcrafted sauces are delightful accompaniments during a meal. Think savoury Japanese Tartar, spicy Sambal Mayo, and healthy Avocado Hummus. 


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4. Haren's Spread

Its nut butter are made with no preservatives. Apart from the classic nut butter, it also has matcha and hojicha almond spreads. Championing healthy eating, its options include no to less sugar.


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5. Makcik Gourmet

Makcik Gourmet specialises in only one sauce—premium sambal ikan bilis. Based on a traditional recipe, this homemade condiment is all you need to give a dish that extra kick.



6. Symphony Spread

Symphony Spread spreads are made with premium ingredients and come in a convenient squeeze pack. There are not a lot of options but what they have, including Hazelnut Chocolate and Black Sesame, make for a healthy, delicious snack. 


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7. Nutsatelier

Nutsatelier champions clean eating, and none of their spreads contain sugar and preservatives. Its signature is pure peanut butter, available in crunchy and smooth texture but consider switching it up with its uji matcha, sea salt dark chocolate and organic black sesame flavours. If you're looking for something to spread them on, try its homemade granola.


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8. CEIT Spreads

For matcha fans, this homegrown establishment promises to satisfy your craving with its spreads made with imported ingredients from Japan.


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