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Elevate your next meal at home with these flavour bombs

You may have heard of truffle butter, but have you ever tried bunga kantan or kombu-infused butter? We’ve rounded up five establishments selling various flavoured butters, from Asian-inspired infusions such as Momo Butter’s Kampung Butter to decadent classics such as Sauce Lab's Black Truffle Butter. 

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1. Entier French Dining

Entier French Dining’s popular Kombu Butter with the perfect ratio of cured kelp to creamy butter adds a touch of umami to any dish. The Kombu Butter often outshines the French restaurant's other butters, but don't overlook the Chitose Strawberry Butter, Dried Fruit & Nut Butter, and Honey Mustard Butter. If you’re looking for more savoury Japanese-inspired offerings, know that Miso Nori Butter, Bonito Butter and Uni Butter are also on the menu. Purchase four of the aforementioned butters as part of Entier's Artisanal Butter Box.

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TATLER TIP: Kombu Butter is also sold at Ember Modern Bistro, Universal Bakehouse and Beng Beng Sourdough.

2. Butter Bae

Fuelled by a firm belief in bringing the best out of ingredients, Samantha Tan Yen Yee of Butter Bae churns her butter in small batches without preservatives, using only premium and high-quality ingredients. Offering a large assortment of butters flavoured with kombu, truffle, miso, smokey herb, bacon and even caviar, Butter Bae allows customers to create renditions of their favourite fine dining dishes at home, using their butter as a finishing touch for sauces or roasts. But they're honestly good enough when spread on crusty bread and without fuss.

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3. MOMO Butter

Established just last year in December 2020 by friends Min Chia, Ivy Wong and Michelle Lee, MOMO Butter strives to make gourmet home cooking easy for all. Weighing 15 grams each, the infused butter comes in vacuum-sealed cubes that are perfect for individual servings. The butter comes in two Western and two Malaysian flavours: Classic, Kampung, Tuscan and Curry; each is infused with a range of locally sourced herbs and aromatics. Currently available for purchase at Goodness Mart and Groove Grocer, the butter will soon be available in Ipoh.

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TATLER TIP: Click on MOMO Butter's 'CUISNE' highlights on Instagram to see various ways their products can be used.

4. Sauce Lab

With his café affected by the first MCO in March 2020, Basil Tan came up with the idea of selling ready-to-go sauces to home cooks. With more than 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry under his belt, Tan met with success. As of today, Sauce Lab has sold more than 15,000 jars of sauces. During Christmas 2020, the company launched their truffle-infused butter as a limited edition item. High demand has led to it becoming a permanent item on their menu. In the future, Sauce Lab plans to expand with a café featuring many of their sauces.

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5. Skillet at 163

Truffle Mushroom Butter, Sambal Butter and Kulim Butter by Karls are available for purchase at Skillet at 163. Get individual jars or purchase them as part of a set with assorted bread and cured meats. For a more filling meal, order the Summer Feast or Spring Signature sets, which include flavoured butters as well as hot food. 

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6. Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar

Fine dining establishment Cilantro makes its truffle and seaweed butter in-house, and these have proved popular for takeaway. The restaurant recommends spreading the butters on toasted Brioche Feuilletée, which can be purchased with their butter for the perfect tea time treat.

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