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The Tatler Singapore team shares some of our favourite hawker finds in Singapore

With so many options to go for, choosing what to eat at a hawker centre can be overwhelming. While some may argue that the best stalls are the ones with the longest queues, others may argue otherwise. That said, we asked the Tatler Singapore team to share some of their favourite hawker eats and where they go to enjoy them.  

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1. Prawn Noodles

“I just adore the sheer umami flavour that comes from a rich broth in a soothing bowl of prawn noodle soup, topped up sinfully crispy pork lard. One of my favourite modern hawker finds is from One Prawn & Co, which serves up bowls of deliciously decadent soup made from 48kg of prawn heads and pork bones, boiled over 20 hours daily. The recipe combines modern culinary techniques with traditional methods, and is devised by chef and founder Gwyneth Ang; Ang had formerly worked in the kitchens of Burnt Ends and Forlino in the past decade before setting up One Prawn & Co initially as a hawker stall in Golden Mile Food Centre. Now located in its own standalone outlet at Macpherson, the eatery also serves ngoh hiang, and is one of my regular go-tos for prawn noodle.”

—Hong Xinying, regional managing editor, Tatler Homes

One Prawn & Co, 458 MacPherson Road, S(368176), +65 9878 8897

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2. Char Kway Teow

“In my opinion, the best hawker meals are the ones you discover completely by accident. I still remember a few years ago, leaving my grandma’s house and all of us craving a good plate of char kway teow. I googled places and 789 Char Kway Teow was the first one to pop up. It was an hour wait, but the result was a plate of absolute heaven. The al dente flat noodles carried a smokiness and flavour that was addictive and delicious. The level of spice was also perfect and did not overwhelm the dish. It was a very simple and pared-down version of char kway teow with no frills, but it was somehow one of the best I’ve had in a long time. We have been going back for years now when we are in the area.”

—Camillia Dass, digital writer

789 Char Kway Teow, 115 Bukit Merah View, 01-28, S(151115)

3. Hor Fun

“A warm and comforting bowl of hor fun always hits the spot. While this dish is typically found at tze char stalls, one of my favourites is at Hor Fun Premium, a hor fun specialty stall within Alexandra Village Food Centre. Its signature beef hor fun comprises gorgeously charred hor fun noodles and tender beef slices swimming in a silky egg gravy. Each bowl is full of wok hei, adding an umami kick in each bite. While it is a simple dish, it is by far one of the best I have had.”

—Amanda Goh, writer

Hor Fun Premium, 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, 01-78, S(150120), +65 9325 9339

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4. Curry Rice

“Even for a spice wimp like me, nothing beats Beach Road Scissors Cut’s famous curry rice. Tucked away in a corner at Jalan Besar (not Beach Road, despite what its name suggests), the joint is my late-night go-to haunt with its warm and satisfying Hainanese curry rice. My usual order typically consists of the pork cutlet, soft chap chye and a fried egg drowned underneath the thick and aromatic curry gravy.”

—Cheryl Lai-Lim, digital writer, Tatler Homes

Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice, 229 Jalan Besar, S(208905), +65 9826 1464

5. Ban Mian

“I first tried this ban mian place at Lorong 32 Geylang last year when my boyfriend moved to the East. Curious as to why there were people waiting for their ban mian at 3pm—which was way past normal lunch hours—I joined the 45-minute queue and ordered the pork soup ban mian. First thing I noticed was the variety of ingredients—the hot and tasty soup had a generous serving of handmade noodles (cooked just right that they weren’t soggy), as well as minced pork, egg and greens. Anchovies were used as a garnish to retain their crispness and give each bite a delicious crunchy texture. Since my first bowl, I have been addicted to the ban mian here and have tried almost every version on the menu.”

—Dudi Aureus, senior editor, Tatler Dining

L32 Handmade Noodles, 558 Geylang Road, Lor 32 Geylang, S(389509), +65 9770 2829 

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6. Carrot Cake

“A real challenge for me is resisting a mean plate of carrot cake. Black or white? I can never decide. I love both versions! Unfortunately for me, I can never find a plate of white carrot cake that tastes as good as the one I used to eat during my childhood. However, I was introduced to a hawker stall in Khatib that draws long lines from as early as it opens for business at 7am. 618 Sim Carrot Cake only serves white carrot cake but what makes it extra special is the generous dollop of chye poh (preserved radish) that accompanies each plate. It gives a sweet-salty kick that instantly elevates the dish and allows it to stand out from the rest.”

—Andrea Saadan, digital editor 

618 Sim Carrot Cake, 618 Yishun Ring Rd, S(760618) 

7. Kentang Ball

“I call it my favourite hawker food but, believe it or not, I’ve never savoured this dish at the hawker centre before. But it’s my preferred takeaway food if I’m around the Haig Road area. As the name suggests, the kentang ball is a huge mass of mashed potato—a little bigger that the size of a baseball—with a stewed minced beef surprise inside, before it is deep-fried to golden perfection. It is best had with the peppery broth, and topped with slivers of fresh cucumber, spring onions, and deep-fried shallots, for a meal that is both hearty and comforting at the same time, perfect for a rainy day.“

—Hashirin Nurin Hashimi, senior editor

Rosy & Nora, 14 Haig Road, S(430014), +65 9737 4794

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