A beautiful panorama is the perfect accompaniment to a plate of delicious food. Here's where you can get the best of both in Antipolo!

You may not get a live show to go with dinner, but you'll get something much more inspiring: a live panorama of the city's best sites. These Antipolo restaurants have earned a wonderful reputation for delightful food and charming vistas. Visit these eateries up north if you're looking for a feast that delights both the eyes and your palate! 

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1. Tahanan Bistro

Rain or shine, Tahanan Bistro is the place to be. Cosy and homey, it is a family run business known for casual fine dining. Through their menu, they've managed to elevate classic Filipino dishes into something worth the drive up north. To accompany the degustation, Tahanan Bistro entertains their guests with verdant views and hilly terrain. Definitely one for the books! 

2. Burrow Cafe

Many might expect restaurants to have fantastic views only if they're situated on top of multi-storey buildings. But the Burrow Cafe at the famous Antipolo Beehouse proves otherwise. The rustic decor at their underground cafe is popular for both family dinners and newly-wed couples. Through the open-air interior, diners are treated to quaint views of the surrounding greenery and a running stream too. Catch the morning sunlight with a hearty breakfast at Burrow Cafe.

3. Oscar's at Eugenio Lopez Center

Feast before a sprawling view of NCR at Oscar's. This al fresco restaurant serves crave-worthy continental and Filipino comfort food (like pizza, porchetta, and sans rival cake) amid the vibrant backdrop of Metro Manila. A fantastic skyline awaits with plenty of skyscrapers and green spaces best enjoyed with delicious food in hand. 

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4. Maura's Place

Tucked behind the verdure of Antipolo, Maura's Place is a romantic little eatery that will charm you and your loved ones. Decorated with hanging lamps, Maura's claims to have among the best sunsets in Metro Manila—and we believe them! With clear skies and an unobstructed view, Maura's is sure to be your next favourite getaway. 

5. Vieux Chalet

Old-world European charm is infused into Vieux Chalet, a Swiss restaurant owned and operated by the Hassig family. They serve plenty of delicious European food, including a very tempting charcuterie boards, creamy pastas, and plenty of sinful desserts. The best part? A view that can't be beaten: silhouettes of skyscrapers, trees, and a gorgeous sunset and sunrise to boot. 

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6. Kaulayaw Cafe

Looking to enjoy a leisurely sunset drink? Try one of Kaulayaw Cafe's delightful creations. From teas to juices and coffee, this establishment is complete with a menu full of refreshing beverages. Not only that but their panoramas can't be beat: from the undulating terrains of the Sierra Madre to the inspiring Manila cityscape, Kaulayaw Cafe has all there is to offer in terms of views. 

7. Chimney Cafe

Art lovers might find themselves looking for a taste of culture—but that doesn't mean food is off the menu. ArtSector, a local gallery in Antipolo, also houses Chimney Cafe, a modern eatery that overlooks views of both mountains and water. Art hangs on its walls for patrons to gaze at, though we're sure they're much more taken by the inspiring landscape than anything else! 


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