The best way to travel like a local, is to ask a local. In this series of travel guides, we ask creatives and insiders from our global community to show us their city, their way

Mexico City is on one of the most popular travel destinations for 2022. After all, the sprawling, vibrant metropolis has been hailed as the best food city by chefs from around the world, and its thriving creative scene has been drawing artists and musicians from far and wide.  

DJ and musician Yasmin Shahmir—better known simply as Yasmin—left her hometown of London when she fell under the CDMX spell just a few years ago. Yasmin has toured the world performing alongside the likes of Breakbot and Irfane, Pharrell Williams and Ed Sheeran. The well-travelled (and supremely well-dressed) Yasmin even launched Trippin World, a platform that connects travel, culture and creativity.

We asked her to share her picks for the coolest restaurants, bars, galleries and record stores in Mexico city...and we promise this is one travel guide you won't want to skip. 

Expendio de Maíz Sin Nombre

Created by Jesus Tornés the food is all created from scratch using pre-Hispanic cooking techniques and locally sourced ingredients from his family’s farm in Guerrero. There’s no menu here, Jesus will ask you what you do/don’t eat and the kitchen will keep sending you delicious and exciting plates until you tell them you’re full. 


Loot is a multifaceted gallery space that houses exhibitions, events, a radio station, a cafe, a design studio, podcast suite and a restaurant. It’s a creative hub that’s a great place to work from or just to hang out and check the programming. You’re bound to meet new friends or creative collaborators at Loot. 

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Street Quesadillas

Outside Mercado Medellin, on the corner of Calle Campeche and Calle Medellin. Street food is somewhat of a religion in Mexico City, everyone you ask will have their favourite spot and for me it’s the quesadillas with queso (Cheese) and flor de calabazas (Zucchini Blossom) on the blue corn tortillas that are freshly made on the spot at this here corner. 


Choza has become somewhat of an institution on the weekends here in CDMX. Chef Tyler Henry is obsessed with heavily spiced food, loosely poured drinks, great music and good people. The food at Choza is Thai-inspired and known for ‘smack you in the face flavour’. It’s preferred for you to eat with your hands and share with friends. My go-to order is the whole fried fish and a couple of the mezcal slushies.

Cineteca Nacional

If you’re into film, this is a must-visit in Mexico City. The building itself is a work of art and thus has become a cultural landmark. There’s multiple large screening rooms, archives, a video library as well as open air screens. Always rotating cult classics, art-house movies, thought-provoking films and documentaries from across the world.

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Esquina Común

This is a secret restaurant opened by Mexican chef Ana Dolores, open only on weekends and reservations made solely through Instagram DM. Her plates are pure magic, a mash-up of influences from Mexican to Mediterranean, and the colours and flavours are on point! The restaurant itself is set in an actual apartment filled with antique furniture and decor. You truly feel like you’ve been welcomed into Ana’s home. 


This is one of my favourite vintage clothing stores in the city, created and curated by Alejandro Payán. His passion for both style and story makes a trip to Revolver more than just a shopping trip but a glimpse into a bygone era. He’ll be more than happy to share a mezcal with you and tell you about the history behind some of his pieces. 

Tokyo Music Bar 

Japanese inspired Hi-Fi vinyl bar slash listening lounge. Great cocktails in a beautiful setting with an insane sound-system and even a trip to the bathroom is deluxe with the heated toilet seats. 

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Fhauna Record Store 

Incredible selections here, funky sounds from around the world. Ran in part by local DJ Ritmonzón who can also help point you in the right direction of a good party. 


Forte boasts some of the best coffee, pastries and breakfast in the neighbourhood. In the afternoon they switch the breakfast menu to their pizza menu (arguably some of the tastiest sourdough pizzas around). Forte is also just a good place to hang out; a Mexican owned, family business. The owner Rafa’s brother is the supplier of the beans and handles the roast of them too, they take their coffee very seriously so trust you’re in good hands. 

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