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These hunger-rousing podcasts dive into the rich histories and cultures behind our favourite Asian cuisines, from Singaporean to Chinese and many more

Have you ever wondered...How did the Nepalese momo become so popular in New York? What did the ancient Filipino diet look like prior to the arrival of foreign influences? Why is XO sauce technically illegal in the UK?

Well, fellow food geeks, this one’s for you. Whether you’re an avid foodie or a well-read savant, these six podcasts specialising in Asian cuisines will surely brighten your day with fascinating tidbits about your favourite cuisines. Learn more about the cultures, histories, and even trends that have shaped the food we know and love today, below:

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1. Exploring Filipino Kitchens

Hosted by Philippine-bred, Toronto-based food and travel writer Nastasha Alli, Exploring Filipino Kitchens boasts a range of topics all about Filipino cuisine. Fortified by an impressive line-up of special guests from Purple Yam’s Amy Besa to food historian Felice Sta Maria, it is a wonderful resource for those looking to delve deeper into topics like Cebuano cuisine or hoping to discover new finds like mango-tasting siniguelas from Dumaguete.

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2. XO Soused

XO Soused sets out to unpack Chinese cuisine—an ambitious undertaking given the food culture’s complex and ancient histories, but one well-suited to the dynamic duo helming the crusade. After a colourful first season that explored chicken feet, the globalisation of Chinese food, and of course, XO sauce, acclaimed chef-anthropologist Andrew Wong and food scholar Mukta Das kicked off their second season with a creative analysis of modern-day banquets vis-à-vis that of the Qing era. 

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3. Take a Bao

Put simply, Take A Bao is “a flavour-driven audio show about Asian food”—an apt description by the host himself, Malaysian-Chinese cook and food writer Yi Jun Loh, better known as Jun & Tonic. However, as the podcast vibrantly celebrates, Asian cuisines are anything but simple. The introductory episode focuses on the funky and contentious durian fruit and why the creamy flesh is so popular in Asia, while the most recent story (a two-episode arc) takes a sombre look at the prejudice behind refugee cuisines. Naturally, there is also an episode dedicated to the many rice dishes (and variants!) throughout the continent.

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4. Feast Meets West

Through her podcast Feast Meets West, NYC foodie Lynda Liu spotlights the trending dishes, restaurants, and personalities making waves in the realm of Asian cuisine. Between an interview with Simon Kim, who opened NYC’s first Korean steakhouse Cote, a conversation about the growing global popularity of Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) cuisine, and much more relevant musings, every episode promises to both educate and entertain.

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5. Japan Eats!

Apart from leading The New York Japanese Culinary Academy as its passionate director, food writer Akiko Katayama also hosts the Heritage Radio Network’s Japan Eats! Currently on its 257th episode, the series provides a thorough and varied understanding of the much-loved food culture, including the arts of takoyaki, yakitori, and okonomiyaki, the gastronomic philosophies that make Japanese cuisine so unique, and a comprehensive guide to Japanese drinks.

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6. The Singapore Noodles Podcast

The Singapore Noodles Podcast is driven by Pamelia Chia’s admirable goal: to preserve Singaporean food heritage and culture. In each episode, Chia engages in “open, honest conversations with people who are keeping Singaporean food heritage alive in their own ways,” inviting others to join the movement.  Considering Singapore’s increasingly international food scene, Chia also takes the opportunity to investigate foreign food cultures like Filipino food, speaking with cookbook author Bryan Koh about why Filipino food is often misunderstood in the Singaporean landscape.


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