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During Jowett Yu's time at the helm at Hong Kong hotspot Ho Lee Fook, the restaurant—and subsequently, Yu's cuisine—became an embodiment of what it meant to live in Hong Kong: exciting, complex and deeply rooted in tradition while still disorientingly fun. 

In June 2021, after seven years at Ho Lee Fook, Yu and his family relocated to his hometown, Sydney, where he once ran "funky" Asian eateries Ms. G's and Mr. Wong before his stint in Hong Kong. 

We asked the Taiwan-born chef to share some of his favourite restaurants, bars and places to hang out in Sydney, which include a next-level deli, some soul-hugging Vietnamese food and more... 

Little Bay Beach

It's a little beach tucked in a residential neighbourhood between two golf courses, but what you are rewarded with is a spectacular cove with calm shallow water in a picturesque shoreline.  There are not many tourists or shops nearby, so it feels like a sleepy beach in comparison to the hustle and bustle of Bondi.  


The best place to shop and eat Vietnamese food in Sydney.  Fresh sugarcane juice, choice desserts and loads of Vietnamese restaurant options make it perfect for a day out of eating all things Vietnamese.  


One of the most uniquely Australian restaurants in Sydney, cooking using a wood-fire oven with complex flavours drawing influence from everywhere.

Piña by Room Ten

These cafes are pioneers in serving thoughtful restaurant food in a cafe setting. Great sandwiches, salads, and composed breakfast dishes that you look forward to any day of the week. Not to mention a strong coffee and Matcha program, for whatever your poison is. 

Royal Botanical Garden

A historical garden with a wide range of plants and flowers in the middle of the city.  With Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as a back drop, it makes a great place for a picnic or a walk on a sunny day.  

Continental Deli

It's a deli, bar, restaurant and tinned food concept all in one. It takes me back to the tinned seafood bars of Spain with great cocktails in an intimate setting.  


A student neighbourhood with a bohemian feel, with a street full of bars and restaurants with great nightlife. I’ve always lived close to here. This suburb is my spirit animal.  

Powerhouse Museum and Art Gallery of NSW

Pretty amazing that our tax money goes to maintaining these wonderful museums that anyone can just walk into. Art museums ought to be free and rightly so, to invite everyone to immerse themselves in a different world through the lens of the artist(s).   

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