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Relive your childhood by visiting these museums dedicated to your favourite cartoons and comic book characters

This story was originally published in August 11, 2021 and updated on April 8, 2022. 

1. Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

With news of the recent passing of Motoo Abiko, one half of the artistic duo called Dr Fujiko A Fujio behind Doraemon, many are reminiscing on their favourite robotic cat from the 22nd century whose magical 4D Pocket is always full of tools, gadgets and his favourite snack, dorayaki. If you want to revisit your childhood or introduce Doraemon to your children, the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum—otherwise known as the Doraemon Musem—in Kawasaki, Japan is the way to go. Inside, there are displays of the cartoon's most iconic films and mangas with life-size statues of Doraemon. For adults, there is original artwork from Doraemon, 21-emon, Kaibutsukun, and several of Fujiko's other series as well as a themed café and gift shop. 

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2. Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Did you know Snoopy reads the novel, War and Peace, at a rate of one word per day? 

This is one of the many fun facts that you will find out about the most relatable beagle from Charles M. Schulz's comic series, Peanuts in the Snoopy Museum Tokyo. Visitors can also participate in the many Snoopy-themed workshops, from personalising your own canvas tote bag to making brass charms, and discover a uniquely Snoopy menu at the PEANUTS café in the next building. 

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3. Hergé Museum

The Hergé Museum is dedicated to Tintin, the world's best known reporter and globe-trotter created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi (better known by his pen name, Hergé). Located at the address of Tintin's first home in the series, Rue Labrador 26, the museum brings its visitors on Tintin and his furry sidekick, Snowy's most iconic adventures around the world, with displays devoted to favourite side-characters, such as Professor Calculus' scientific laboratory. 

And if you really want the full Tintin experience when you visit Brussels, don't forget to round off your trip with a stay at the Tintin Suite at Hotel Amigo, which is decorated with illustrations from the beloved comic books. 

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4. Pokémon Center Tokyo DX

Almost everyone has their favourite Pokémon experience, whether it is growing up with Ash, Misty and Brock in the animated series and encountering countless Pidgeys in the grass on their Nintendo GameBoys or becoming obsessed with 'catching them all' later in life, when the augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go was released in 2016. For the younger generation, they were probably introduced to the live-action Detective Pikachu, voiced by Ryan Reynolds in the 2019 movie. 

That is why Pokémon Center DX in Tokyo is great for the whole family. Inside this enormous store of Pokémon merchandise, there are vending machines, elaborate displays of your favourite characters—including a slumbering Mewtwo—and ultra-futuristic, multilingual screens that act as a real-life Pokédex. You can also take breaks in the first official Pokémon café nearby.

However, if you're looking for a more traditional museum experience, Pokémon and The National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan have teamed up to curate a one-of-the-kind Pokémon Fossil exhibition, which is travelling around the country until 2023 to help fans brush up on their Pokémon paleontology.

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5. The Little Prince Museum

Inside a quiet neighbour in Hakone, Japan, there is a quaint French village devoted to The Little Prince, a curious boy who leaves his house-sized asteroid to travel the universe in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's famous novella. Meet the king with no subjects, the busy businessman and other cranky characters that The Little Prince encounters on his adventures but don't let them take away your childlike imagination, as you walk down the path that traces the shape of a boa constrictor who has swallowed an elephant (not a hat!) or stroll through the gardens of the golden-haired prince's beloved roses. 

After months and months indoors, a trip to The Little Prince museum will fill you with optimism to face the challenges of adulthood and life. 

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6. Moomin Museum

Santa Claus is not the only mythical figure you can find in Finland. In fact, the happiest country in the world is also home to Moomins, an adorable family of trolls that resemble hippopotamuses created by Tove Jansson. Head to the Moomin Museum in Tampere to discover their many adventures in the lighthouse and theatre of Moominvalley alongside their friends, Fillijonk, Mymble, The Muskrat and Hattifatteners.

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7. Funko Hollywood

Funko creates bobblehead versions of beloved fictional characters. In the last month, Funko Pop! figurines have overtaken the internet as ardent fans of the Disney and Marvel Universe—particularly, Spiderman and Loki—began showing off their treasured collections on TikTok. Their brick-and-mortar location in Hollywood is an immersive retail experience into the world of Funko, with larger-than-life displays complete with lights, musics and water features that recreate the world of your favourite cartoon characters. 

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