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We may not be able to travel to Seoul just yet to see the BTS museum, Hybe Insight, for ourselves but we can certainly live vicariously through the fans that have visited

If you're a BTS fan, you will probably know by now that Hybe has just recently opened a new museum dedicated to the world-famous boy band in their company building in Yongsan, Seoul. 

Named Hybe Insight, the museum is located at the bottom two levels of Hybe's new building and was opened to the public on May 14.

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The museum is based around the company's mission statement, "We believe in music", and will feature exhibits, space and displays that surround that belief. 

In fact, the first floor will see experiences in which visitors can enjoy the music with a wider sense and density while the second floor will encompass five different exhibitions that aim to showcase the elements of music in a new and innovative way.

Since we can't travel yet, here's everything you need to know about the museum from start to finish.

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1. The museum is located in the heart of Seoul

K-pop has arguably put South Korea on the map so it makes sense that the brand new Hybe Insight museum is located right in the heart of Seoul. 

The building is just a five-minute walk from Yongsan Station and occupies 4,700 sqm of space in the basement of Hybe's new headquarters.

You will need to make a reservation before you go down, which can be done through Hybe's Weverse app. Tickets are only available to those who are 14 years old and above and will cost US$20 each.

You will also be given a QR code before you enter which you will have to scan to be granted admission. 

Currently, groups of 50 people can enter at 25-minute intervals and the museum has seen an overwhelming response through their booking app. In fact, weekend tours have been snapped up for almost a month in advance which, of course, was very much expected. 

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2. The tours are led by prerecorded voices of the BTS members

As if entering a shrine of our favourite K-pop band isn't enough, the tours will be conducted by prerecorded voices of BTS members and you will be able to choose which narrator you would like to explain the different exhibits. You can pick from BTS' RM, Nu'est's JR, Gfriend's Sowon and more.

The written exhibit guides will mostly be in Korean though English voice-overs and written guidance will be available. The Weverse app will also allow you to pick Korean, English, Japanese or Chinese. 

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3. There will be four different sections in the museum

There will be four different sections in the two-storey museum which will begin with a mock-up of a music studio. Visitors will be able to experience mixing the sounds of different instruments that are used by Hybe artists.

Visitors will then be greeted with three large screens where footage of a live dance performance will be playing. 

Then, tour groups will be guided to another section where BTS members chat about the challenges they face in producing music. 

The highlight of the tour, however, happens when guests are greeted by a 360-degree screen that will display Hybe's history since its founding as Big Hit Entertainment way back in 2005.

The screen is reportedly in a room that is as wide as a tennis court and has all 240 trophies won by BTS and other Hybe artists covering the walls.

It should take you around an hour and 45 minutes to tour the entity of the museum and you will end your experience in a souvenir shop that will offer many items that bear the Hybe Insight logo as well as photos and merch from BTS. 

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4. Other bands will also be featured

The Hybe Insight museum will not only be a dedicated space for BTS though. In fact, you will be able to see bands such as Seventeen and Gfriend featured as well.

These are bands whose management companies were acquired by Hybe as well as groups who were formed by the founder of Hybe, Bang Si-hyuk.

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