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Tatler Singapore speaks to the lead actors of The Red Sleeve to get some behind-the-scenes details and more

We are always on the lookout for the next show to binge-watch over weekends so consider us thrilled when the new Korean period drama, The Red Sleeve, hit the small screens in Singapore recently. 

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The historical drama premiered on November 12 last year and just completed its 17-episode long season on January 1.

The show is based on a novel and it tells the story of a royal court romance that takes place between the King of Joseon who puts his country over his personal life and a court lady who is hellbent on protecting her own livelihood.

Tatler got the chance to chat via email with the show’s main stars, Lee Jun-Ho, Lee Se-young and Kang Hoon to find out what it was like filming the series, what their best moments were on set and what their future plans are. Read on below.

Can you tell us the funniest thing that happened on set?

Kang Hoon (KH): Back in the middle of summer, it was really hot when I was on set. With this being a historical drama, the outfit I had to wear made it really warm for me.

So every time the director shouted “cut”, the cast members would exclaim how hot they were. But when winter came, all of them were complaining about the cold. 

Lee Jun-ho (LJH): It was really enjoyable to shoot with Oh Dae Hwan, who plays the role of Left Wing Wi. He came up with ad-libs while acting and it was a lot of fun to watch from the side.

What made the experience of filming The Red Sleeve stand out?

Lee See Young (LSY): I think the most special part about this drama is that it deals with historical facts. The filming process of the characters and the sad love story felt really special to me.

KH: To me, what was important and unique about the show was my character’s emotions while we were filming. The show focuses on the emotions of the characters quite closely and so they took a lot of tightly cropped shots to get the viewer to focus on each individual. So I had to pay attention to my character’s thoughts and feelings even more. 

What was the most heartwarming moment for you on set with the cast?

LJH: We were filming at a site where we would often run into street cats. It was really nice seeing some of the cast and crew coming together to rescue and adopt the cats.

KH: There were many instances that left me on the verge of tears. As we filmed the middle to the second half of the series, there were members of the cast who ended their role in the drama and so the director presented them with flowers whenever the time came for them to say goodbye.

Watching that happen would make me sad since I knew that my time on set was soon coming to an end and that I would soon be unable to work with the cast and crew. 

LSY: I once received a letter and some snacks from a fellow cast member who also contacted me later on. I wasn’t feeling my best when that happened so it did a great job in comforting me.

Do you have a pre-filming ritual?

KH: What I always do is close my eyes and think about my character. After deeply focusing for a short amount of time, I will get on set and begin filming. I think it is the best way for me to improve my concentration.

LSY: Reading and memorising the script is always a must for me.

What are your plans for your next series or movie?

KH: Filming this show only strengthened my commitment to acting rather than making me want to rest. Therefore, rather than taking a break, I want to continue to work and nurture myself and my skills.


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