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Tatler speaks to the lead actors on what it was like filming Darli and the Cocky Prince

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you would have already heard of Darli and the Cocky Prince, the latest romantic comedy to hit our screens.

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Starring Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young, the show follows Jin Moo-Hak who is the son of a family who runs a global restaurant franchise. He may not be educated but he sure is very good at making money. 

Meanwhile, Kim Da-Li  is a visiting researcher of an art gallery. She can speak many langues and is from a very prestigious family. 

When the pair meet, they begin to develop feelings for each other and what ensues is a hilarious and adorable partnership. 

Darli and the Cocky Prince is currently being streamed on Viu and has new episodes every Thursday and Friday.

Tatler chatted with the two leading stars, Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young, to find out why the show should be added to your must-watch list immediately. 

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1. The show has a star-studded cast

Darli and the Cocky Prince features a diverse and pretty star-studded cast. In fact, Kim, who plays one of the lead characters, Jin Moo-Hak, is well known in the K-drama world. 

Kim has starred in a number of popular K-dramas such as Do You Like Brahms?, Mr Sunshine, Hit the Top and more.

Park on the other hand is playing the role of Kim Da-Li. Park has starred in famous K-dramas such as The Devil Judge, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Sweet Home and more. 

The cast also features actors such as Jang Tae-Jin, Joo Won-Tak and Ahn Chak-Hee.

2. There are some interesting set locations

Darli and the Cocky Prince has a hilarious and believable plot on its own. However, what makes the show interesting is some of its set locations. In fact, a large number of scenes take place in an art museum that was so realistic that it was filled with the work of actual artists. 

“The background of the drama is set within an art museum. Hence, it was a unique one. It was almost like an entire art museum was moved into the set,” Park said. 

“The set was also filled with the works of actual artists. It felt like there was a lot for our viewing pleasure even as we were filming on set. That probably is one of the aspects of this drama that the audience can look forward to,” she continued. 

When you watch the show, make sure to pay attention and you might notice some familiar works of art. 

3. The cast had some interesting pre-filming rituals

While watching a K-drama is certainly interesting, there is nothing like getting to know what goes on behind the scenes and Kim and Park were happy to share their elaborate pre-filming rituals with us to let us in on their secrets.

“I wake up in the morning and grab a seat outside while doing a check on my physical condition for the day before heading back in to wash up and grab a cup of coffee,” Kim shared.

“I would then head to the salon to get my hair and makeup done and then have a roll of kimbap while travelling to the set. All of these were what I have been doing for half a year while we were filming the drama. My character, Jin Mu Hak, is someone with a never-ending flow of energy. In order to get into that energetic state of mind, I would always put on some music while trying to attune myself to my character before we start filming for the day,” he continued.

Park on the other hand is a little more simple. “I would have a cup of iced coffee to wake myself up before I put a lot of thought into my lines and scenes for the day,” she shared. 

4. The show has been achieving incredible viewership ratings

Darli and the Cocky Prince may only be nine episodes into their 16 episode run but they are already breaking their own viewership ratings. In fact, on September 20, Darli and the Cocky Prince achieved its highest viewership ratings yet for its fourth episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, the fourth episode scored an average nationwide rating of 5.3 per cent which was a personal record for the drama.

5. The cast shared a tight bond on set

In the day and age of social media, we love TV shows not just for what we see on screen but also what we don’t see and the cast of Darli and the Cocky Prince certainly live up to this with their tight bond on and off screen. 

“I still can remember the emotions I felt when we heard our last “cut” on the last day of filming the drama. It felt just as if I was unwilling to and can’t leave the set. I heard that Kim Min Jae felt the same,” Park said candidly.

“The moment I left my character behind and set foot out of the set, I felt as if I have received an indescribable feeling of warmth from actor Kim Min Jae, the director, and all of the crew members who we’ve had on set with us. It was an unforgettable moment,” recalled Park.

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